What is a Parasympathetic State? The Importance of Stimulating Your Vagus Nerve

If you have chronic stress, your body spends too much time in sympathetic nervous system-controlled “fight or flight” mode and not enough time in parasympathetic nervous system-controlled “rest and digest” mode.

Knowing how to stimulate your vagus nerve and understanding more about the parasympathetic state will help you see more possibilities about living your life happily and more carefree.

In this article, we will discuss the parasympathetic state that greatly affects your life. And get to know where you can purchase the best vagus nerve stimulation device.

The Flight or Fight Response

The fight or flight reaction was designed as a survival strategy to enable animals, including humans, to respond swiftly to a life-threatening circumstance.

Sadly, today’s human body responds to non-life-threatening stresses the same way it reacts to life-threatening stressors resulting in high levels of anxiety.

When the sympathetic nervous system is engaged, the changes in the body happen fast. The brain continues to release corticotropin and adrenocorticotropic hormones until the danger has gone, keeping the body on high alert and ready for intense physical activity.

When danger is no longer there, cortisol levels drop, and the parasympathetic nervous system reduces the stress response by releasing chemicals that relax the mind and body while blocking or reducing many of the body’s high-energy processes.

Your parasympathetic nervous system is supposed to serve as a brake instead of triggering your stress response as the sympathetic nervous system does. It informs your body that it’s acceptable to relax, calm down, and take deep breaths.

Cortisol levels decline as a result of this reaction. It signals your body to save energy, slow down your heart rate, and enhance the functioning of your intestines and glands. The sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal system are also relaxed.

When the parasympathetic system kicks in, all of your body’s activities that demand the most energy and effort are delayed or stopped. Finally, you may “relax and digest.”

In our parasympathetic nervous system, the vagus nerve has the most influence. It acts as a natural reset button for your body. Learning to activate your vagus nerve can help you get that calm, collected feeling we all crave.

Vagal Tone And Activation Of Your Vagus Nerve

The tone of the vagus nerve is essential for parasympathetic nervous system activity. Vagal tone may be measured using heart rate variability.

Your heart rate picks up a little when you take a deep breath in. It slows down a little when you exhale. The considerable difference between your inhalation and exhalation heart rates, the higher your vagal tone. The higher the tone, the better at relaxing you are.

Higher vagal tone links to improve overall health. It improves blood sugar control, lowers the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, improves digestion, and decreases migraines. Above all, it’s linked to improved emotional stability, resilience, and lifespan.

Mood instability, depression, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive impairment, chronic inflammation, and cardiovascular disease can be linked to low vagal tone.

Road To An Optimistic Life

It is important to know and understand our parasympathetic nerves to reduce stress and avoid medical illnesses that will shorten our lives and hinder us from more fulfillment and joys.

You can learn more about a  vagus nerve stimulation device and how it will greatly affect your vagal tone for a better and improved body and mind.

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