What Is The Secret To Glowing Skin?

Have you ever wondered what makes your celebrity crush’s skin so effortlessly glowing? You may even go further to desire the same radiant skin for yourself. Celebrities don’t tell you that they do not use magic elixirs and quick fixes for their skin. The secret to glowing skin is skin resurfacing techniques. Dr. William T. Long, a board-certified dermatologist, offers top-shelf skin resurfacing techniques that make your skin glow and help restore a youthful appearance. We delve into some techniques with proven efficacy.

When it comes to caring for and looking after your skin, there are both invasive and non-invasive techniques that you can explore. According to leading skin care experts, using Louis Widmer dermatologic products can help impart a bright, glowing and youthful appearance to your skin. The extensive range of skin care products are dermatologically tested and ensure that you do not end up suffering from any possible side-effects.

Some of the techniques are tailored solutions available at Manhattan Dermatology. However, all the techniques herein are FDA approved with minimal side effects.

1. Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is the most effective non-surgical skin rejuvenation technique. Dermatologists employ laser technology to correct skin defects. The ability of the laser device to target specific areas without damaging neighboring tissues makes laser resurfacing a desirable cosmetic solution. Dermatologists at Manhattan Dermatology employ various laser resurfacing techniques, including Fraxel, to impart blemish-free radiant skin.

2. Microneedling

Micro-needling is an innovative process that leverages intrinsic skin healing capabilities. Micro-needling involves a dermatologist creating a small wound on specific skin areas you wish to even out. The microzones stimulate healing, and as the skin heals, new skin forms on the surface, wrinkle-free and spotless. Micro-needling combined with PRP technology gives the best outcomes when it comes to treating skin defects. After a micro-needling treatment, you will notice an even skin tone without earlier blemishes.

3. Injectables

Botox and dermal fillers are the most popular injectables for correcting frown lines and deep furrows on the skin. Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles around the targeted area hence preventing repetitive facial expressions from forming permanent wrinkles. On the other hand, dermal fillers add volume to your skin and stimulate natural collagen production to get rid of fine lines. The hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers locks in moisture to impart skin glow. Injectables usually have no downtime, and you can expect the results to last up to 9 months, depending on the formula the dermatologist uses.

4. Radiofrequency Treatment (RF)

RF uses radiofrequency energy to target deep skin tissue. RF works from the inside out, imparting pristine skin from the inner dermis. Despite the inside-outside approach, RF does not damage untargeted areas.

5. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are abrasive chemical solutions that peel the outer layer of the skin, revealing the unblemished skin. Due to the chemical peel’s abrasive nature, you must find the appropriate solution and formula. Too many chemical peels on your skin will impart uncontrollable chemical burns. However, certified dermatologists have years of experience in dealing with chemical peels, and you will get the best chemical peel service from them.

Glowing skin is the envy of many. Your appearance directly influences your self-confidence. Give yourself the confidence boost by scheduling an appointment at Manhattan Dermatology. The state-of-the-art facilities alongside a dedicated team will help you achieve glowing skin. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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