What to Expect During Your Routine Dental Care?

How do you maintain your dental wellness and a healthy smile? Healthy dental hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing daily, are always the key to promoting your dental health. Regular professional dental cleaning and examination are also viable.

Well, dental care cannot be complete without the care of a certified dental expert. Roslyn prosthodontist Steven Kauftheil, DDS, provides excellent dental services to promote your oral health and restore your smile. Call ToothDocs today to find out which dental services may benefit you.

Dr. Kauftheil makes everyone feel safe and confident in making their oral health better and more comfortable. You can expect outstanding care and quality treatments from Dr. Kauftheil in the following services.

Routine dental care

Dr. Kauftheil offers regular dental care to address the following:

Dental anxiety

Most individuals are afraid of dental procedures, which worsens their dental problems. It may result from the fear of injections, pain, or anesthesia.

The best way to fight dental anxiety is to let your dental provider know how you feel. In addition, find a dentist who listens to your needs and works to fulfill them. Your provider will work to determine which techniques work best to eliminate your anxiety.

For extreme dental anxiety, your dentist may offer sedation to minimize the discomfort.

Emergency dental care

Dental issues develop at any time, including the closing hours. Sometimes, you may not even have the time to wait for your appointment. Emergency dental care is critical as it allows you to receive the care you need whenever you need it without waiting for your scheduled appointment time.

Some dental issues that need urgent dental care include severe tooth pain, tooth fracture, and tooth injury resulting in bleeding and swelling.

Emergency care helps relieve the pain and prevent severe complications.

Tooth extraction

Your dental provider only performs a tooth extraction to promote your dental health and function. Other than wisdom teeth, you may require a tooth extraction if you have the following:

  •         Infection
  •         Overcrowding
  •         Severely damaged tooth

A tooth extraction due to an infection helps prevent the infection from progressing to the other healthy teeth. Extracting a tooth due to overcrowding will help improve your dental hygiene and smile.

Dental cleaning and examinations

It is a vital part of your dental checkup. It removes any dental plaque to prevent infection and promote dental health. It also involves examining your teeth and gums to identify potential health risks.

Regular dental cleaning and exams and practicing good oral hygiene help preserve your oral health while making your oral health routine easy.

Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is also among the services you can expect during your routine dental appointment. It involves removing the infected part of a tooth while preserving the rest of the tooth.

Your provider may notice an infection during your dental examination and recommend a root canal treatment rather than extracting the entire tooth. It helps prevent the infection from spreading while improving your tooth health and function.

Call a dental specialist today

Regular dental care is critical in preserving and promoting your dental health. Contact ToothDocs today to understand what you may expect during your routine dental care.

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