What to Expect with Women’s Health

They have the highest IQ compared to men; they are unique in every way. But what makes women even more special is their ability to carry a pregnancy and bring life into the world. Their bodies are made wonderful; the reproductive system being the most mysterious. Regarding their reproductive system, their health is prone to various risks. Womens Healthcare Physicians work hard to ensure women are living their best lives. Here we look into details about what women’s health involves.

What are the regularly sought out women’s health services?

These are the health services that women require in their daily lives to promote their living and prevent health problems.

Well-woman exam

It’s part of preventive health care for women. Well-woman exams involve evaluating your health through physical exams and tests to detect any issues early. The consultation also gives you the chance to talk out any health concerns you have with your health provider.

Usually, it involves normal check-up activities, including reviewing your medical history and checking your vitals. Other services include:

  •         Pelvic exam
  •         Family planning
  •         Blood tests if necessary
  •         Breast exam
  •         Cervical cancer screening
  •         Tests for sexually transmitted diseases
  •         Menopause care

Your well-woman exam may also involve testing and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease. You may also benefit from aesthetic services to enhance your appearance, including Botox injections and MonaLisa Touch to rejuvenate your vaginal health.


Contraception is also a vital part of women’s health. Your provider helps you choose the suitable contraception method depending on your plans for having children. They perform a gynecological exam, then consider your age and preferences before recommending an ideal contraception method.

The Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples ensure they recommend the most effective birth control methods, including the following:

  •         Sterilization
  •         Diaphragm
  •         Intrauterine devices
  •         Male condoms
  •         Hormones
  •         Female condoms
  •         Sponge

Prenatal care and delivery

The biological role for women is in their ability to give birth to children and nurture them. The process begins from conception, throughout pregnancy, up to birth. During pregnancy and birth, a woman’s body goes through various changes that affect their health directly or indirectly.

Women’s health specialists provide ultimate care during the time to ensure a healthy delivery, including the safety of both the mother and child. They perform ultrasound and tests at different levels during your pregnancy journey to analyze your health. They also offer advice on delivery methods.

What are the common health issues affecting women’s health?


Endometriosis affects various women, especially those of reproductive age. It causes severe pelvic pain and infertility to some. It occurs when your uterus lining grows outside the uterus.

Other than pelvic pain, endometriosis leads to menstrual cramps and chronic lower back pain. Your provider focuses on relieving pain to promote your living.


These are growths that grow in the uterus. Most fibroids grow in the uterine wall, while others may grow outside the uterus. Fibroids do not cause harm in some cases, and you may not even notice their presence.

In other cases, fibroids cause the following symptoms.

  •         Heavy menstrual bleeding
  •         Lower back pain
  •         Painful menstrual periods

Women’s health aims to promote women’s healthy living by providing effective treatment and diagnosis to issues affecting their health. Call The Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples today to schedule your consultation.

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