What You Didn’t Know About Dental Health

Poor dental care affects your oral health and has an impact on your overall health. Maintaining a healthy dental system requires a continuous commitment to good oral hygiene habits, including daily brushing and flossing. Besides dental health, oral health problems affect your smile quality, self-esteem, and life quality.

Preventive and restorative dental care is critical in improving dental health and general wellness. Artaza Dental in Katy, Texas, is a general and cosmetic dentistry practice that provides top-quality oral health care. Please call their office today to learn more.

Dr. Artaza offers excellent dental care services to restore your oral health and enhance your smile. He is also a qualified oral surgeon to perform all your oral surgical procedures. He offers the following dental services.

Teeth whitening

White and bright teeth are essential to getting an attractive smile. Professional teeth whitening involves using top-quality whitening products to remove stains from your teeth. It helps eliminate even the deepest teeth stains, providing exceptional results compared to over-the-counter methods.

Usually, our natural teeth color may not last due to age, certain foods, and drinks, among other reasons. You will need teeth whitening to brighten and enhance your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental techniques to improve your smile’s appearance. It also promotes your teeth’ functions and health by preventing further damage.

Cosmetic dentistry corrects and treats various dental issues, including

  •         Cracked teeth
  •         Discolored teeth
  •         Gapped teeth
  •         Chipped teeth
  •         Misshapen teeth

Cosmetic treatments help transform your smile while promoting its health.

Dr. Artaza offers the following cosmetic services

  •         Teeth whitening
  •         Veneers
  •         Dental implants
  •         Crowns
  •         Dental bonding
  •         Dental bridges

Endodontics and root canals

Endodontics helps treat the inner part of an infected tooth to relieve pain or any discomfort. A root canal is the most common form of endodontic treatment. It allows the removal of the infected inner part of your tooth while preserving the rest of your tooth.

Your provider replaces the damaged part of your tooth with a rubber-like substance that is biologically safe for your health called gutta-percha.

You may require an endodontic treatment if you experience the following

  •         Tooth sensitivity
  •         Deep tooth decay
  •         Fever
  •         Severe tooth pain
  •         Tooth infection
  •         Swollen lymph nodes under your jaw

Oral surgery

Some dental issues are only treatable with surgical procedures—especially issues affecting your underlying jawbone and gum tissue.

Dr. Artaza provides exceptional oral surgery care using the most advanced oral surgery techniques. The procedures occur under anesthesia, so you do not need to worry about pain.

Dr. Artaza performs the following oral surgery procedures to improve your smile and enhance your oral health.

  •         Bone grafts
  •         Tissue grafts
  •         Dental implants
  •         Root canals
  •         Tooth extractions

The bottom line

Oral health issues also interfere with your overall health. Practicing good oral hygiene is critical to preventing dental health issues while maintaining your health.

Do not let dental health issues affect your smile or quality of living. Dr. Artaza can help in promoting your oral health and transforming your smile. Call the office today or schedule your consultation online.

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