When to See a Specialist for Pain and Swelling in The Legs

Do your legs hurt, or are they cramping or swollen? It might be a symptom of vein disease or even more life-threatening conditions such as heart illness. At Elite Veins NY, skilled cardiologist Dr. Bradley Radwaner offers advanced diagnostic procedures to determine the root condition causing your leg discomfort and inflammation. Employing cutting-edge procedures, he can effectively enhance your vein health and mitigate your symptoms. Discuss your treatment options by scheduling a consultation with New York leg pain & swelling specialist Dr. Radwaner.

What Are the Reasons for Leg Pain and Swelling?

Following a long day on your feet or exercising your legs hard at the gym, you may experience leg soreness and edema. Nevertheless, if your legs are constantly in pain and swelling, it may be an indication of a vascular health concern such as chronic venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Chronic venous insufficiency and DVT may cause blood to confine and pool in compromised portions of your veins. The veins are not designed to store fluids in one location; therefore, when this occurs, the blood and other fluids flow into the muscles and other soft tissue.

The extra fluid not only causes inflammation but also irritates your muscles, resulting in cramps, soreness, as well as burning, itching, and fatigued sensations. You may also observe a leathery appearance or a red or faint blue tinge to the skin on your lower thighs.

When Should You See a Doctor Regarding Leg Inflammation and Swelling?

Besides vascular concerns, leg discomfort and swelling can be induced by arthritis, infections, and other disorders. If you experience continuous symptoms that keep you awake at night or gradually worsen, you should contact Elite Veins NY. At the practice, Dr. Radwaner can determine the root concern of your leg swelling and pain and establish the right treatment plan.

How to Diagnose the Cause of Leg Pain and Swelling?

Dr. Radwaner conducts extensive examinations to determine the cause of your leg pain and inflammation. He checks for visible indicators of vein problems in your legs, such as alterations in your skin color, texture, or temperature. Moreover, he looks into your health records, lifestyle, and symptoms to see whether you have any additional health problems.

Elite Veins NY is fitted with advanced diagnostic tools and devices. If necessary, Dr. Radwaner may request vascular ultrasounds to check your veins for evidence of obstructions, DVT, and other issues that might be causing your symptoms.

What Are the Treatment Options for Leg Pain and Swelling?

After determining the reason for your leg pain and swelling, your doctor will design a tailored care plan to address the core conditions and relieve your symptoms. Depending on your unique requirements, he might suggest the following:

  •         Compression stockings
  •         Lifestyle adjustments
  •         Medications
  •         Sclerotherapy
  •         Angioplasty

Are your legs constantly tired, achy, and sore, or appear swollen? Well, you might benefit from a consultation with a vein expert. Call Elite Veins NY or use the online booking feature to arrange an appointment today with Dr. Radwaner.

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