Why Clear Liners Might Be an Ideal for Adults

Are you an adult with crooked and misaligned teeth? Straightening the teeth with traditional braces seems inconvenient in adulthood; a teenager can easily opt for the awkward metallic braces, but adults find them unappealing. The metallic braces are conspicuous and attract more attention to your mouth, impacting your social life and confidence. A clear aligners Orlando dentist will offer the best solution for misaligned teeth; here is why you may opt for the clear liners.

What Are the Clear Liners?

Clear liners are transparent mouthpieces that fit snugly over the teeth; they are not easily visible and make it easy to correct dental issues discreetly and effectively. They are the best teeth aligners for adults as they boost self–esteem; you will not avoid social events when wearing the aligners. These braces put mild pressure on the alveolar bone and tooth roots leading to dental alignment. The aligners work for crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth; they can correct an overbite, underbite, overjet, and crossbite. Moreover, they fix the visible spaces and gaps between the teeth.

How Long With The Clear Aligners Take To Correct The Dental Issues?

After the oral exam, will the doctor custom mold the clear liners to fit your teeth and jawline efficiently? They may assess your history and use X-rays which help the dentist to fit the aligners in the mouth; you may need physical exams every few weeks as it helps find a new set of aligners. The new set will get you close to the treatment goals, and the clear aligners will work well after six to twelve months. However, you can reach your goal if you wear the clear aligners for 22 hours; you may take them out only when eating, brushing, or flossing. When over the process, the dentist will offer a transition retainer which helps the teeth stay in the proper position after the treatment.

The Benefits of the Clear Aligners

  • They align teeth within a short time

The clear aligners cut the treatment time by half; they are incredibly effective and efficient in straightening the teeth. The aligners will straighten the teeth in six months or less, depending on the condition of the teeth and desired results.

  • The clear aligners are invisible

You can use the aligners while going on with everyday activities, and no one will need to know that you have the aligners unless you tell them. The braces are visible and might draw attention to your mouth in a social environment. You can opt for clear aligners that straighten the teeth without drawing much attention.

  • You can brush your teeth effectively

The braces are permanently placed on the teeth making brushing difficult, but you can floss, brush and whiten the teeth while applying the clear aligners. The aligners are detachable from the teeth, and your dentist will ask you to wear them all the time to get the desired results.

Misaligned, crooked, and unevenly spaced teeth can lower your self-esteem. Although you can opt for the braces, you should consider the clear aligners, which are discreet and offer the proper treatment within a short time. Your dentist will customize precise aligner molds which meet your needs.

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