Why Everybody is Loving PicoSure Laser Facials

Many people with skin pigmentation or no longer interested in certain tattoos turn to PicoSure. The treatment is a revolutionary laser approach for photo facials and tattoo removal to give you the even-toned skin you desire. With the help of the Scarsdale, NY aesthetics medical spa PicoSure specialists, you can forget about those ski imperfections eating up your confidence. You do not need surgery to revitalize your skin, meaning that incision fear cannot prevent you from achieving your aesthetic goals. There is a reason why many people are using this treatment. Find out herein.

The Treatment is Suitable for All Skins

Some effective aesthetic treatments are limited to specific skin types meaning you might not gain if your skin is different. But not with PicoSure. The laser used in the treatment only targets particular cells in your skin without penetrating through. Therefore, it can be used in all skin types without the risks of damage or harm to specific skin types. Asian skin is mainly discriminated against from several laser treatments, but PicoSure will not. Therefore, you get a chance to reestablish your porcelain appearance and regain your lost confidence no matter your skin type.

No More Pigmentation of Skin Irregularities

The PicoSure treatment involves breaking up the pigments in age spots, freckles, or sunspots. Also, the laser technology penetrates through your discoloration and breaks the melanin into finer particles that your body can naturally absorb. When the body absorbs the fragmented melanin over time, any unwanted discoloration disappears. The PicoSure facial can eliminate pigmented lesions due to sun damage, acne pigmentation, and melasma.

Wrinkles and Acne Scars Disappear

The wrinkle is very common with aging and can make you look older than you feel. But a particular focus lens is employed in the PicoSure treatment to efficiently remove most impurities in your surface skin. This makes the wrinkles and fine lines less visible, elevating your confidence. Additionally, the technology can target individual skin cells to make acne scars disappear. It allows your skin to rejuvenate naturally on its own.

Boosted Collagen Production

PicoSure laser treatment stimulates your skin’s dermis deeper layers to facilitate the natural rejuvenation process. This enables the production of new collagen and elastin as the skin responds to the laser heat energy. When the deeper layers of your skin are targeted, and more collagen is produced, your skin becomes tightened, tone and texture are improved, and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars is reduced.

No Discomfort or Downtime

Traditional lasers often make your skin feel tender and appear red which takes some time to fade. You might experience some discomfort or sensitivity depending on your skin type, which requires downtime after the treatment. But there is almost no discomfort when using the PicoSure laser technology, meaning no downtime is needed after the treatment. While you can experience a slight tingling sensation when the laser is causing pressure waves to your skin cells, you are less likely to experience any discomfort after the treatment. Even when slight redness appears after the treatment, it is gone after about one to three hours.

Why should anyone not love PicoSure laser treatment with such excellent benefits? You can also join the men and women who are enjoying rejuvenated skin. Reach out to the PicoSure specialists at SeeBeyond Beauty today for more information and assistance. You can also book an online appointment.

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