Why You Need Collagen For Your Skin & Hair

Aging is an inevitable process of the human body, and with it comes a load of issues. While the signs of aging may differ from person to person, some overtly evident signs are inescapable, like greying hair and sagging skin. Here is when collagen comes into the picture. Known to be the ‘glue’ of the body, collagen, which is essentially a kind of protein, is indispensable not just for your health but your beauty too. Substantial research over the last decade alone has shown that collagen can be safely considered a go-to for treating issues related to the skin and hair. Whether you buy collagen supplements or use collagen-based skincare products, it is necessary to meet the depleting protein quota in your body in the form of collagen.

Failure to do so may have an impact on your health and appearance too. From weakened joints to brittle hair and dull skin, these are some of the most glaring and immediate signs of depleted collagen levels you may end up facing. Listed below are some ways in which collagen can be a saviour for your skin and hair:

Fights Signs of Aging:

Collagen and its various forms have managed to give life to the beauty industry. It is not surprising to see that a whole range of skincare products contain collagen. It is because, with age and lifestyle choices, collagen tends to decrease in the body, causing signs of aging to be more visible on the facial skin, like wrinkles and loose or sagging skin. Therefore collagen in skincare products can drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize signs of aging. Need help with achieving smooth skin? Check out this Picosure Laser Treatment in Singapore from Radium Aesthetics.

You can also try collagen masks available at RM365 as they help to reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, and open pores. They help your skin by boosting the skin’s natural collagen production and reducing the rate of elastin depletion.

Good for Skin Elasticity and Hydration:

Collagen peptides also boost your skin as they help maintain skin elasticity, diminish dryness and help maintain the overall skin tone. The fibers in collagen help in tissue formation and have proven to be a game-changer for skincare products. They can breathe beauty afresh into your skin! Besides, collagen supplements can also help fight acne scars, skin inflammation, and itchiness.

Boosts Hair Growth:

Proteins in your body are essentially responsible for the growth of your hair. You need to substitute depleting collagen levels with collagen supplements for maintaining hair growth and thickness. Apart from boosting skin cell tissues, collagen is an excellent follicle booster too. Hence you can seamlessly combat the misery of losing hair by incorporating collagen in suitable forms.

Restricts Appearance of Grey Hair:

Like controlling hair fall, collagen is also known to resist the growth of grey hair. You can buy collagen supplements online on your doctor’s recommendation or apply collagen-based hair gels or creams to decrease the appearance of grey hair. Once applied on the scalp, the gels and creams have been shown to have tremendous results ranging from removing dryness in the scalp, restoring your original hair colour, and limiting split ends.

When it comes to using collagen in different forms to boost your beauty, it is better to opt for products based on your doctor or dermatologist’s recommendation rather than settling for counter products as each product works differently. And it certainly cannot be stressed enough that the presence of this miracle ingredient can make all the positive difference to how you feel and look with time. Isn’t that amazing?

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