16 Purrfect Cat Shelves That Every Furbaby Will Appreciate

For a variety of reasons, cat shelves are purchased. The common thread that goes through them all is that you care about your cat’s health and happiness. They must get enough exercise and are kept in a secure setting. As a result, you’re always looking for fresh ways to keep them entertained and out of trouble. They enjoy climbing and exploring, and there are numerous excellent cat shelves available.

Cats require a lot of playtime and physical activity. It not only allows them to have fun, but it also allows them to improve their natural hunting talents. Cats, like dogs, require exercise; giving play activities and fascinating areas for your cats to interact with can assist to enhance their overall health over time. Finding the best cat shelves can provide a safe haven for them to get away from each other, reducing fighting and standoffs.

TOP Recommended Cat Shelves

Cats are naturally paranoid creatures who, like everyone else, desire to feel secure. That’s why providing them with hiding locations and areas where they can get a good view of everything may be so important to their happiness and readiness to come out and spend time with you. Cat shelves are among the nicest gifts you can give to your feline friend. Cat shelves provide greater surface space for cats to explore and play within their homes. Furthermore, providing your cat with a high perch from which to escape and relax will make them feel more at ease indoors. 

Here are some of the greatest cat shelves available online.

  • Cat Activity Wall Shelves
  • Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Multi-Level Cat Shelf
  • Cat Wall Shelf with a Replaceable Scratchpad
  • The Climb Track
  • Wall Mounted Cat Bridge
  • Cat Elevated Feeding Shelf
  • Wall-Mounted Cat Lounging Set
  • Cat Furniture Canopy Shelf
  • Cloud Cat Bed Wall
  • Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf
  • Hexagon Wooden Cat Shelf
  • Balcony Cat Shelf
  • Cat Wall Shelf Hammock
  • Cat Space Capsule
  • Sun-Shaped Floating Shelf
  • Corner Wall Mounted Hideaway

Installing cat wall shelves, in addition to adding trees and cardboard boxes, can provide pets with the security of having their own space. A cat-themed DIY project takes about 30 minutes per shelf, but you should allow extra time for design and testing.

Why Do Cats Enjoy Being at High Places?

Having a cat tree in your home would fulfill your cats’ desire to climb. You can consider providing your cats more chances to be higher after noticing that they enjoyed remaining on the upper perches and frequently fought over the high ground. So, why do cats prefer to be in high places? This is due to your cat’s innate instincts to defend itself. Hanging out or resting in a spot with a good view of their surroundings gives them a sense of security. This is due to their ability to see danger approaching from afar. Another reason your cat prefers the high ground is that higher vantage points are more appealing to a cat’s predatory instincts when hunting.

What Is the Purpose of a Cat Wall Shelf?

Are your cats attempting to climb the walls? Perhaps a cat wall shelf will be of assistance. So, what exactly are they? These are similar to wall-mounted bookshelves or even door-mounted bookshelves. Cats are just so fond of climbing the bookshelves that you may decide to purchase them their cat wall shelf to play on. These might be as simple as a perch or a floating shelf. To provide your cat with a pleasant place to lay down, they should be covered with a soft material such as a mat. You don’t want your cats to slip off, thus the coverage is also crucial for their protection. In terms of cat shelf designs, the sky’s the limit.

How Do I Make a Choice?

Remember that your idea of desirable and your cat’s sense of desire might not be the same. Cats enjoy shredding and pulling apart rough surfaces. Pay attention to the kind of scratching surfaces your cat prefers in your home and get a post with a comparable fabric or surface.

When choosing a wall shelf for your feline companion, consider the following factors:

  • Is your cat’s shelf-stable and wide enough to hold and support him?
  • Is it possible to secure the shelf to the wall using screws?
  • Is the shelf meant to be comfortable for your cat?
  • Is there anything more included with the cat wall shelf, such as scratching pads?
  • Do you like the shelf’s design? 
  • Is the item primarily receiving good comments from customers?

Keep in mind that placing cat shelves provides indoor enrichment for cats, which can help them avoid boredom and trouble while also keeping their physical and mental health in tip-top shape. There are a variety of design options available, ranging from quirky to minimalist and everything in between. Your feline buddy shouldn’t have to jump on top of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets any longer, thanks to an elevated shelf construction. Imagine how much fun they’ll have hanging out in their own place, and how much fun you’ll have watching them.

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Now that you’ve seen the wide range of cat wall shelves and perches on offer, utilize your cat’s instincts to determine which one they’ll prefer. Larger, more sturdy platforms will be appreciated by larger cats. Many perches and boxes with holes to run in and out of are ideal for a multi-cat household. Wall perches and shelves are useful in more ways than one. They provide a haven for your cat to hide, a way for him to burn off energy, and cerebral stimulation so he doesn’t become bored. 

Their space-saving design is ideal for making the most of vertical space in an apartment or a house. If you have cat perches in your home, tell me which ones are your favorites and how your cats interact with them. I hope I was able to assist you in finding your best cat wall shelves; If you found this information beneficial, please share it with your friends!

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