3 Benefits of Using Notebooks in Your Career and Life

There are multiple ways to take notes today – you can use google document or the notepad app you downloaded on your laptop. You can even use a messaging platform and send it to yourself.

You can even ask an artificial intelligence to take notes using your voice. There are many ways you can be creative with so much technological advancement. 

Be that as it may, note-taking in plain old paper will never get old. Any notetaker and even you can agree it’s still the best experience in writing. Mind you, if this is a lie, then why are all kinds of notebooks still popular? 

The vast majority of the population use a kind of notebook called promotional notebooks. These notebooks became popular because it’s the usual giveaway company gives. Surprisingly, these notebooks are well-received by the public. 

If you’re not too familiar with them, here is some information to help you understand the craze. 

Why Notebooks Remain Popular 

In today’s digital age, it seems far-fetched that traditional note-taking prevails. But one thing you probably missed is that writing with your hands is a magical experience. Plus, various studies once proved that writing in a paper helps a lot in memorising.

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Aside from effectively committing on your mind what you write, here are other reasons why notebooks remain customary: 

  • Personalised

Notebooks have multiple layers of customisation. You can make them as close to your brand identity as possible.

  • User-centric

Digital pads are limited to what they can do. If the feature prevents you from being artistic, that’s not fun. 

Note-taking is supposed to give you complete artistic freedom. And most likely, you have unique techniques that software can’t imitate. Hence, it only leads you to go back to notebooks.  

  • Encouraging. 

Not everything that reduces effort makes a person happy. Sometimes technology can be overrated. With so many shortcuts and algorithms doing stuff for you, it demotivates you. 

  • Straightforward

In e-notebooks, if you want to be creative with designs, you need to learn skills. There are multiple toolbars and different techniques to tackle. The problem with this is your attention is only there as long as it interests you. 

If you lose the ability to find it fun, you’re most likely to quit immediately. Conversely, in notebooks, colourful bullpens and a ruler are all you need. 

How promotional notebooks are relevant to the business world 

An excellent promotional notebook can attract customers’ attention. It can stimulate their purchasing behaviour and realise the circular consumption of products. 

Apart from that, there are many things it can do to any group of people. For example; 

  • Employees. They’ll be delighted if you choose to give them personalised notebooks.
  • Clients. They’ll feel valued and cared for in giving these gifts. 
  • Creditors. It will give an impression of showing a gesture of gratitude. 
  • Investors. It will make them feel a sense of belonging to the company. 

Corporate people will always need to write down notes as long as a meeting is called. And when they do, the first thing they would look for is their notebook. They won’t go running inside the office with their keyboards, and certainly not their computer monitors. That’s why personalised notebooks are indeed perfect company gifts. 

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