4 Outrageous Link Building Tips For Beginners

Link Building is the process of gaining incoming links pointing back to your website from other relevant websites. When many high authority websites  point back to yours, it gives a positive signal that urges Google to rank your website higher. Ultimately, your website will increase its potential to achieve a better position on the search engine results page.

Even though building links can be a challenging process, there are still several white hat SEO strategies you can get started by employing right away, with no significant hassle or expenditure. Take a look at these outrageous link building tips designed exclusively for those who are new in link building.

1. Request links from other websites 

You may find this to be an ideal place to begin, specifically for those who are new in link building. Just think of your friends, acquaintances, coworkers, network, business contacts who run blogs or have websites. A simple thing to do would be to request a backlink from them. You should request links within the body of the content rather than links  in the footer or sidebar.

Don’t forget to be cautious and ensure that your link is coming from a website that pertains to your niche. Consequently, there won’t be a significant difference and it might even be detrimental.

2.  Invest In Building Relationships

To build links effectively, it is imperative to invest in building good relationships. In any case, there are various approaches that can be adopted to establish new relationships. Ideally, you should begin by joining industry-specific and relevant media channels: discussion boards, online forums, or  slack channels. As an example, you can get started with some basic eCommerce business startup tips if you are in the similar niche and begin adding value by posting  insightful responses, thereby adding valuable perspective to the topic.

By involving yourself in forums or discussion groups relevant to your topic, you’ll be able to build several high-quality links. On top of that,  you’ll constantly be up to date with the latest news in the industry and have the chance to talk to some amazing professionals who have similar interests.

3. Build Links with Testimonials

Building links with testimonials is a mutually beneficial practice. Most companies provide you with a way to share a few words regarding your observations relating to their offerings.

At first glance, the approach they’ve adopted is a solid foundation to establish credibility with customers. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to generate potential traffic and gain a link back to your website, as it generally carries a greater success rate than regular link exchange mailings.

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4. Create your own blog 

If you are planning on starting your own blog, it’s imperative to continue updating it constantly. Avoid creating a blog that only has one article and a link back  to the website. By doing so, it’s not just a waste of time, chances are you’ve also built a hazardous link instead.

Publish new articles and blog posts regularly. Keep an eye on digital marketing trends and tailor your content to your audience’s interests. Once it gets into the flow, the post will probably gain authority. You should always ensure you’re creating content which is informative, valuable, and formatted properly.

There is no other method to assure that people are likely to refer back to it repeatedly. That’s exactly how great backlinks are built.


The process of building links requires a great deal of time to comprehend  and execute thoroughly, but the outcomes are worth the effort. As soon as you have determined your webpage’s authority level, you are going to be thrilled to find out that numerous websites are linking back to your website without having to reach out directly. Make sure you are checking out the above-listed  link building tips to start gaining high-quality backlinks for your website.

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