5 Ideal Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Get Rid of Prediabetes in No Time!

Diabetes is getting more and more well-known with each passing day. According to statistics, almost 32 million or 1 in 10 people in the US have diabetes. This figure is expected to double in the coming few years, leading to nearly one-quarter of the American population being diagnosed with the permanent damage of diabetes. With 88 million or 1 in 3 cases of prediabetes, we can say that we are not too far from achieving that goal. Texas is one of the most affected states, with almost 12% of the population suffering from diabetes. Whether you are in Cedar Park or San Antonio, nearly 2.4 million people have diabetes.

Now, we all know that diabetes is only reversible. However, the good news is that prediabetes can be eliminated entirely from your body. We have created a helpful article that will help you eliminate prediabetes from your body and life once and for all. Let’s discuss how.

Eat A Clean Diet

One of the significant risk factors that cause insulin resistance in your body which obviously leads to prediabetes is eating an unhealthy diet. Most prediabetic patients are either overweight or obese, so it is not surprising that they have an unhealthy diet full of processed foods.

Having a clean diet that consists of less processed and sugary foods will help you feel much better and reduce insulin resistance in your body. If you are prediabetic because of PCOS, it will also help you ease the symptoms and maintain a healthy weight.

Once you stop making unhealthy food choices by consuming a lot of processed items, your body will become active and energetic. Sometimes natural food items are also really high in fat content, so make sure that you avoid fatty and heavier meats like beef and mutton.

Your diet must consist of:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Iron-rich fruits
  • Lean meats
  • Whole grains
  • Healthy fats

Exercise Regularly

Another most common reason people suffer from prediabetes is lack of activity. Whether it is walking, swimming, running, or just a mild cardio session in the house, you need to exercise. Exercising is not just beneficial to help you lose weight.

As a matter of fact, it comes with plenty of physical and mental health benefits that lower your blood sugar and insulin resistance. Your body is already suffering from an intense amount of stress, and a sedentary lifestyle will just add more to it.

Loosen up your body with the exercise routine that you are most comfortable with and stick to it until you feel that adding more won’t cause unnecessary pain. Do not expect your body to lift the heaviest set of barbells at the gym or quickly get done with a professional cardio routine. However, at least start making some small changes for a couple of minutes every day until you meet the desired results.

In an ideal world, 40 to 60 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week is perfect for you but hey, only push yourself to an extent where you are comfortable. Activity after a long break may cause pain and pressure on the spine, especially if you are weak. It’s a good idea to consult your Cedar Park chiropractor to make pressure-lifting adjustments. Best exercises for prediabetics include:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Jump rope
  • Weight lifting
  • Cycling
  • Dancing

Lose All the Excessive Weight

One of the worst enemies of your body is excessive weight. Being obese will land you in a state of physical and mental distress that can not only result in prediabetes but also hamper your quality of life with things like low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and depression.

Fortunately, adopting the first two steps will help you get rid of all that excess weight. Losing at least 10 to 15% of your total body weight will significantly improve your blood sugar while making everything easier for you. A waist size over 38 inches indicates severe obesity, and it should be managed immediately.

While healthy eating and exercising regularly are critical elements of losing weight, some people may find it hard to get out of this loophole. For that, additional help is required. While you are perfectly capable of doing this on your own, consider hiring a helping hand like a personal trainer, a nutritionist, or even a food maker to supply you with healthy food items.

If you want to lose weight, consider:

  • Eating healthy with a weekly cheat meal to stay motivated
  • Exercising 5 times a week with 30 to 60-minute intervals
  • Go out for a nice walk to refresh your mind and body
  • Meditation and other mind relaxing activities to help you eliminate stress from life
  • Break meals into portions rather than eating at once
  • Consider getting a kick start with gastric bypass or fat freezing
  • Make appointments with a nutritionist for a diabetic-friendly diet plan

Stop Smoking Anything

We all know that smoking is bad for your health because it is literally written right there on the box. Not only does it increase the risk for heart diseases like a stroke or clogged arteries, but it is also a trigger point for your blood glucose. Smoking can actually increase insulin resistance, causing prediabetes that ultimately leads to type 2 diabetes. This becomes 4 times more dangerous if you are overweight or obese.

Fortunately, there is a way out. You can actually quit smoking with a bit of determination and willpower. There are plenty of ways to help yourself. Most prediabetic patients are given helpful advice from their doctor that helps them reduce the intensity to which you puff on those little rolls of death. Some ways to help you stop smoking are:

  • Increase in physical activity
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Avoiding trigger points that cause you to smoke

Drink More Water

There is no doubt that water is the healthiest drink for people of all ages and health conditions. Not only does it help to remove toxins from your body, but water can actually help people manage their lifestyle with prediabetes in a much better way. Unfortunately, prediabetes can result in plenty of problems like excessive thirst and a weak bladder.

Studies have shown that water can help diabetic patients manage their glucose levels in a much better way. Other than this, it will also help you remain full for longer, which means that you will not be eating as much with a stomach full of water. Women should at least drink 1.6 liters of water, while men should focus on consuming at least 2 liters of water every day. People who took sessions of neurology in San Antonio mentioned that drinking more water and fewer carbs did less damage to their nervous system compared to people who didn’t. This quantity can increase as well. Some good ways to stay hydrated throughout the day are:

  • Keep a water bottle next to you throughout the day
  • Install a water reminder app on your phone.
  • Drink other zero-calorie teas like green tea or oolong
  • Add a piece of fruit to your water for more flavor


Prediabetes is a common condition among people, and the figures are constantly increasing. However, simple lifestyle changes that focus on your diet and level of activity can change your situation. Just focus on what’s best for your health, and you can say goodbye to prediabetes in no time! You will need to know about saxenda price in canada


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