5 Perks of Installing a Wall-Hung Vanity in Your Bathroom

Vanity units come in all shapes and sizes. You have the pedestal unit, vessel unit, under-mount unit, and so on. But take a minute to float this idea: Instead of having a vanity unit attached to the bathroom, why not let it hang from the wall? Currently, wall-mounted vanities are only used in 1% of homes, but they are slowly becoming an attractive trend in the world of Interior designers In Kochi and architecture.

So if you are looking to attach a vanity to your bathroom, here are five reasons you need to take a look at affordable wall hung vanities.

What Are Wall-Hung Vanity Units?

As the name suggests, a wall-hung vanity unit is directly installed on the wall instead of the floor. This is a highly versatile option as these units come with numerous benefits. Moreover, there is a wide range of options available in terms of shapes, sizes and design. It also allows you to customise the unit based on your preferences.

1.     They Make your Bathroom Look More Spacious

One of the main reasons people settle for wall-hung vanity units over wall attached units is to make their small bathroom look and feel more spacious. By hanging up your vanity unit, you will be creating an illusion that makes the space look bigger. In addition to this, they also open up the bathroom’s floor space and create more room underneath the unit.

2.     They Are Easier to Clean

Naturally, a wall-hung vanity unit is much easier to clean than a standard vanity unit. It is because, unlike a typical vanity unit, you will not have any legs or base interfering while cleaning. Wall-hung vanity units also give you an advantage in case your bathroom becomes flooded. And all you should do is use a mop and clean up the excess water from underneath!

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3.     You have the Freedom to Adjust these According to Your Height

The best part about wall-hung vanity units is that you have complete freedom to adjust their heights based on yours. On the other hand, a fixed vanity unit comes with a fixed size that you cannot change after installation. This can be problematic, especially if you are too tall or too short. Therefore, fixed vanity units can be highly uncomfortable. However, you can fit according to your height and use without experiencing any discomfort if you buy a wall-hung vanity.

4.     They Are a Great Way to Use Your Bathroom Space

Another thing that you need to know about wall-hung vanity units is that they are not as tall or wide as the standard unit. Compared to floor-mounted vanities, wall-hung models are much thinner, which can be of great advantage, especially if your bathroom is short on space. And this makes it convenient for you to fit them on a narrow wall to make the best use of those areas.

5.     They Are a Great Way to Store Bathroom Necessities

Wall-hung vanity units generally come with various drawers and cupboards that you can install even under the sink. While these features are available even with a standard vanity unit, your bathroom necessities will still be in plain sight. So, if you are particular about your bathroom belongings being hidden away, you can opt for a wall-hung vanity unit and store all your care products underneath your sink!

Undoubtedly, wall-hung vanities are a fantastic way to give your bathroom a fancy look. They create illusions to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious, and you can easily maintain it. So, if your bathroom is short on space, you can opt to try affordable wall hung vanities instead! This way, you can save up on your money and still give your bathroom an elegant look.

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