6 Debunked Myths Revolving Around Sleep Apnea

Every healthcare provider will recommend you get quality sleep for the benefits you accrue. Notably, quality sleep is ideal for the optimal relaxation of your body, boosting immune responses. Moreover, you stay in tune with your mental wellness through better sleep. However, if you have an obstruction in the airways, you will be subject to loud snoring, disrupting your sleep quality. In that case, you should seek the CPAP clinic Bridgewater since you could suffer from sleep apnea. While anticipating this sleep apnea therapy, you should understand the following debunked myths concerning sleep apnea.

Snoring Always Imply That You Have Sleep Apnea

Although most individuals with sleep apnea are loud snorers, snoring does not always indicate that you have this condition. Some other health conditions, such as flu and colds, can trigger snoring. When you have a cold, your nasal tissues are prone to inflammation, which usually blocks air through the nose. Consequently, this air restriction will make much of the air pass through your mouth, causing snoring.

Sleep Apnea Occurs Only in Men

Many people continue to propagate the belief that sleep apnea is a men’s condition. However, the reality is that even women can suffer from this condition. Women end up undiagnosed since most only encounter partial airway blockage. Partial obstruction in women causes daytime sleepiness and increased fatigue.

Lean Individuals Cannot Get Sleep Apnea

You might think you cannot get sleep apnea since you have a healthy weight, but you are mistaken. Although excessive weight increases the risk of sleep apnea, individuals with lean bodies can also develop this condition. Genetic factors can predispose you to sleep apnea, irrespective of your weight. Also, some lifestyle habits, such as excessive alcohol consumption, increase the likelihood of obstructive sleep apnea.

Your Child Cannot Get Sleep Apnea

While this condition is prevalent among adults, children can also suffer from sleep apnea. Many parents have reported that their children constantly wake up at night due to breathing difficulties. In most cases, the adenoid glands trigger sleep apnea among children. Usually, these glands within the throats disappear as children get older.

Sleep Apnea Does Not Need Any Treatments

You may have heard some people claiming this condition will resolve alone without medical intervention, but that is not the case. Notably, when left untreated, this condition can hold your life’s quality hostage since you could feel fatigued more often. In addition, sleeping apnea can ignite other health complications, such as heart disease.

Getting the Test for This Condition Is a Hassle

Some people continue propagating the olden mentality for the sleep apnea test, which used to have lengthy procedures. In the past, to get tested, the specialist would attach you to the beeping machines using the tone of wires, with the experience being stressful. Fortunately, nowadays, you can opt for a home sleep test where you examine yourself at home and send the results to your provider.

A night of quality sleep does wonders for your overall health. Essentially, your body tissues and organs recharge, thus boosting their effectiveness in serving you. Nevertheless, obstruction in the airway can take a toll on the quality of your sleep due to loud snores. If you encounter such sleep apnea symptoms, you should seek relevant treatments to restore the quality of your life.

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