Benefits of Organic Sunscreen

By definition, sunscreens filter out harmful UV rays and keep skin protected for a certain period, depending on environmental conditions and the SPF (sun protection factor). What more could you expect from sunscreen than adequate sun protection? This article will uncover the benefits of organic sunscreen and hopefully improve your summer!

Great Feeling Skin

Traditional sunscreens use whatever ingredients work at a cost-effective price. This process is sufficient for those looking for cheap sunscreen, but it may leave your skin feeling gross and clogged up. Organic sunscreen uses vitamins and minerals to naturally protect your skin, leaving you with nourished-feeling, healthy skin. Natural sun protection makes it a treat to care for your skin daily. 

Stop Smelling Like Sunscreen

Did you just put sunscreen on, or did you arise from a botanical garden? With organic sunscreen sticks and sprays, you are left with a pleasant, natural smell because that’s what they consist of. The same nourishing ingredients that make your skin feel great also leave you smelling naturally pleasant, unlike typical sunscreens.

Safer Formula

Organic sunscreen formulas avoid the harmful chemicals that other products use. Mineral sunscreen formulas provide the skin with protection by obstructing and dissipating UV rays before they can penetrate the skin. The ingredients found in organic sunscreens are generally considered safe, however, many commercial formulas have been deemed toxic by the FDA.

Essential for Sensitive skin

In case you couldn’t have guessed, natural oils and shea butter are much healthier for your skin than toxic ingredients. Organic sunscreens are less abrasive, nourishing your skin instead of harming it with naturally beneficial ingredients. Some off-the-shelf products claim to moisturize, but nothing beats an actually healthy sunscreen.

Keep In Mind

While enjoying the outdoors during your next escapade, keep in mind that organic sunscreens still need to be reapplied as often as directed by the product label, and it doesn’t give you unlimited time in the sun with no consequence. Your level and timeframe of protection will vary based on the product and its SPF rating, so make sure that you are sticking to the sunscreen’s recommended application. Children under 6 months should not use organic sunscreen or other sun protection products until advised by their medical provider.

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Organic sunscreen is an essential part of a healthy, carefree summer. While organic sunscreen cannot offer endless time in the sun, you will receive phenomenal long-term benefits like decreased exposure to chemicals and improved skin quality. Those with sensitive skin will appreciate the nutritious formula and everyone will love the amazing smelling ingredients found in organic sunscreen sticks like this. When used correctly, organic sunscreen provides glowing skin, a better smell, and relief to sensitive skin for the most enjoyable summer!

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