Chiropractic treatment technique by using the Activator Method

Chiropractors use various manual manipulation techniques for treating any pain condition. Still, when treating multiple types of neck and back pain, they prefer to use the Activator Method to treat extremity problems too. Although chiropractors primarily use their hands to achieve various degrees of manipulation, they use some tools and equipment to apply controlled pressure on the targeted area, explaining the experts at Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine.  The Activator Method of chiropractic technique involves several steps. A health care professional of a chiropractor may use all of the steps or choose a few steps that might be necessary for spinal adjustment.  The choice of tools depends on the treatment plan, like for the Activator Method, and they use Activator adjusting instrument.

The Activator adjusting instrument replaces the traditional treatment method that utilizes HVLA or high-velocity low amplitude thrust usually deployed for the diversified technique. Both the techniques are still in practice, but the Activator adjusting instrument is a more common choice among chiropractors for effective therapeutic interventions.  Besides half of the chiropractors in the USA, those in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada also use the Activator method, as reported by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Activator adjustment

When using the Activator instrument for adjustment, the chiropractor applies the instrument near the affected joint or the tissues. Soon, upon applying the initial pressure, it follows it up with a quick thrust from the device. The exercise is similar to testing the reflex of a patient by taping the knee.  Unlike during traditional HVLA chiropractic treatment, using the bare hands that often make the patient twist and turn, the patient can lie still during the adjustment process by using the Activator instrument.

On completing the adjustment, the chiropractor will review the result by examining the patient to check for signs of improvements and symptoms related to the complaint.

The treatment method

The Activator adjusting instrument is a handheld mechanical spring-loaded device that allows chiropractors to apply a low force impulse quickly at specific points. The treatment carried out by using the Activator has two advantages.

  • The high-speed treatment is so quick that it does not give any scope to the body muscles to become tense in response to the applied pressure. It reduces the chances of the muscles resisting the treatment. The treatment is more effective due to the absence of muscle resistance.
  • The instrument allows applying controlled force at a specific point that is highly localized and does not cause any twisting or bending of the joint that can compromise the treatment.

Newer and advanced models of mechanical instruments powered electronically and cordless are now available to chiropractors that are more convenient to use without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

All chiropractic treatment methods are safe, including the Activator method when used to treat neck or back pain. Discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment with the chiropractor before agreeing to undertake the treatment.

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