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Lower back pain is an increasingly common medical issue. Millions of people suffer from this type of pain each year, along with shoulder, neck, and other associated problems.

Many of these patients will consult their regular doctor, and be prescribed drugs to alleviate the pain. Some will even be recommended for surgery, and invasive procedures. However, there is another option to drugs and surgery; chiropractors.

According to The Good Body, 35 million Americans use a chiropractor every year, so they are hardly a rarity. There is some misunderstanding still though, with what a chiropractor does, and what they can treat.

So, what could a chiropractor do for you, and how would you find a local one? 

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors do not administer drugs, nor do they perform surgery. What a chiropractor does is try to realign the body which will help it to heal. Chiropractors believe that problems, and pain, arise when the spine and other joints are improperly aligned.

For instance, a visit to Advanced Health Chiropractic would see your spine being manipulated and adjusted so that your body was fully aligned. The idea is that this will then let your body have a better chance of healing itself, and the pain disappears.

Chiropractors can do more than just adjustments and manipulation though. They can help with nutritional advice, exercise plans, and ways to reduce stress. 

What are the indications that you require a chiropractor?

The most obvious sign that you should see a chiropractor is if you are suffering from chronic back pain. There are, though, a number of other signs that you may benefit from a trip to a chiropractor.

One of the tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to stay active. Exercise though can also cause pressure and stress on joints, and this can end with your spine being misaligned. It may be worth speaking to a chiropractor for regular maintenance to keep you fit and active.

Other reasons to see a chiropractor are these:

  • Migraines
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shooting pains in the legs
  • Stiffness and limited range of motion

Chiropractors may be able to help with sciatica also through manipulation of the spine. Keep reading to see just what else a chiropractor might be able to assist with. 

What can chiropractors fix?

These health professionals use what is known as chiropractic adjustments. According to Mayo Clinic, chiropractic adjustments are when trained professionals use controlled force on a spinal joint.

Although chiropractors work with the spine, it isn’t just back aches they fix. As you can see on the list above, they can deal with knee pain, as well as headaches.

Tension headaches can plague some individuals, and their cause is sometimes hard to track down. Very often people involved in jobs where they sit for a long time will end up with tension headaches. They can be caused by bad posture, and a chiropractor can adjust the neck to relieve the symptoms of a tension headache.

Similarly, they can help with knee pain and shooting pains in the legs. By adjusting the back and knee, they can help to ease the pain felt from these ailments. 

Where can you find a chiropractor?

Ideally, you will want to find a local chiropractor. If you are in pain and discomfort, then driving some distance will not help your condition.

For anyone living in Thompson’s Station, for instance, the first port of call should be the internet. Google local chiropractors, and check out their services, and testimonials. It might be a good idea to see how long they have been practicing too.

Another way to get a good recommendation is to ask your regular doctor. They may well be able to point you in the direction of a chiropractor. 

Is it safe to visit a chiropractor?

If you visit a trained and certified chiropractor, then you should be in safe hands. Spinal manipulation has been around for about 4,000 years, and in modern times, it has been used in the states since 1895.

There are potentially some side effects that patients may have, but these are generally limited to aches, pains, and stiffness. Generally, these side effects will be mild and pass within a few days. 


If you are enduring back pain or having issues with other areas of your body, then a chiropractor could be the answer. They are ideal for anyone wishing to avoid drugs or robotic spine surgery and all that entails.

Visiting a chiropractor is a chance to have your body realigned, so that it may function as it is supposed to. This allows it to mend itself, and free you from pain without the need for medication and drugs.

Although drugs can certainly relieve pain quickly, they are only a short-term fix. Using a local chiropractor can lead to longer-term, more permanent, solutions to your pain.

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