Considerations Before Going for Cosmetic Dentistry

Ardsley Cosmetic Dentist, Hinna Chaudhry, asserts that feeling and looking good is part of everyone’s health and lifestyle in today’s world. Cosmetic dentistry is not only about enhancing your looks. Instead, the various procedures under cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants and teeth whitening, improve the structure and function of your teeth. Since the treatment is a significant investment in your smile, there are several things you might look at before selecting the professional who will work on your unique needs. Therefore, doing a little research on the medical professional might help guide you before making a final decision. 

What are the things you should know before a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Assess your dentist’s credentials

Like other medical specialists, dentists specialize in a wide range of services. For instance, while a general dentist might be your go-to professional for a teeth whitening treatment, an oral surgeon will be the best specialist if you need dental implants. You should also check for the medical professional’s portfolio, looking at the before and after photos. Concentrate on similar cases to yours and confirm if your dentist performed the procedure.  

Know what your dentist is putting in your mouth

Thanks to fancy technology, the chances are high that your dentist might give you a wide variety of options you can select from. Most often, the prices will differ depending on the material you choose. For instance, instead of going for the standard white porcelain that is visible and a preferable option for your front teeth, you may opt for an amalgam filling that will still offer you the service you need. Knowing what the medical professional puts in your mouth is also crucial because the wear and tear of different materials vary.

Investigate your dentist’s location

Starting with a consultation before treatment is an excellent way of learning a lot about your dentist. You might have several appointments with the healthcare provider before your actual treatment, especially when you need some prep work. As such, you might not wish to have a dentist who is far away, requiring you to travel long distances every time for your appointments. Additionally, the frequent visits will allow you to judge the cleanliness and comfort your dentist’s office offers and if you would wish to spend a few treatment hours inside. Therefore, choose an office you will be comfortable at before committing yourself to the major procedure. 

Your dentist should have realistic expectations

No one would resist a dentist who promises to convert his gummy smile to a jaw-dropping smile. However, be cautious when your cosmetic dentist promises to offer you more than he can deliver. Go for a dentist who will be honest about what he can do to enhance the appearance of your smile and what he cannot do, with specific reasons. The medical professional should also tell you how long the treatment might take, what you might need to do, and the possible complications you might incur.   

Keeping stock photos for evidence is common, especially in cosmetic dentistry, because the dentist would like you to trust him with the treatment. Contact your general dentist for a referral before committing to any treatment with a cosmetic dentist.

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