Cricket is the most popular spectator sport in India by far and is played almost everywhere in the country. There is also a special governing body that is conducting all the Indian tournaments and is responsible for the selection of all the members of the national team. And while the absence of the illegality of sports betting there are millions of bettors who bet on Cricket online. So if you are planning to bet on a CSK vs KXIP match or other events there are no complexities with that. All you need is to find a reliable sportsbook with the profitable terms of wagers.

Why is Cricket pretty popular in the country? Here are a few main reasons:

  • It’s easy to play. Let’s be honest, to start playing football or tennis is less easy than Cricket. You require much more than a few good friends and the ball for the real game. All the players need some specific equipment. But still, despite these challenges, so many young players have consistently gained the new methods to organize the game. 
  • Excellent infrastructure for all who enjoy this sport. There are tons of cricket training and coaching centers in several cities. So kids and adults can learn and practice Cricket. Due to the statistics of this year, there is a specialized stadium in every town that provides good facilities and international standard coaching. 
  • It is a lucrative business that the media give enough coverage to. That’s why bettors and Cricket fans will find a lot of information about the main tournaments not just in digital but on TV and print media as well. Also, every sportsbook here gives FREE access to the video broadcasts of the most interesting matches. 
  • Wide bet line and favourable odds. As you know there is no legal domestic sportsbook in India. But here bettors will find a great choice of foreign companies for bets on Cricket!

Now when you’ve already read all the reasons for the popularity of Cricket betting is the right moment for the registration via the chosen website. Online sportsbooks today offer a wide bet line so you can bet not only on the Indian Premier League. There are so many Cricket tournaments that deserve your attention. For the most prestigious tournaments and leagues, there are available main and additional wager types. So, the sportsbook clients can bet on double chance, best bowler, series winner, match winner, tied match. 

Also for profitable wagers, it is important to not just read the betting line but also to conduct the pre-match analysis and check all the main factors. In Cricket not so many factors affect the match result. The most important are the results of the draw, the weather conditions on the match day, and the field factor. Remember that team shape also can affect the results of the match and it’s really important to analyze it before every match. For example, if in a long series the domestic team wins the first match, then it often goes steamroll over the next opponents, so the guests fall into a black streak of bad luck on an unusual foreign pitch.

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