Does Exness have Nasdaq?

Nasdaq or NAS 100 is one of the biggest stock exchange markets based and established in New York, the USA. That is why thousands of traders worldwide believe that a broker that is connected with Nasdaq is a reliable and safe one. And that is true as well.

So, many people ask different questions about Exness and Nasdaq, and one of the most common questions is,” Does Exness have Nasdaq.” So, the simpest answer to this question is “yes.” But is it this simple to believe a broekr and start working with by giving it your money?

That is why we have a short Exness review for your help:

An Overview of Exness

Exness was established and launched in 2008 in Cyprus. And from that point, Exnes has gained so much popularity that it is now one of the best in the world. Exness is a broker that has since built up steam in the market and currently boasts almost 60000 operating customer accounts worldwide. 

Exness offers trading in MT4 and MT5 trading as well, so if you are one those people who love trading on both platforms, then Exness whould be a great choice for you. Traders gravitate towards Exness due to its regulatory administration and licensing from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Exness offers 13 languages from different regions of the world so that most traders can work and invest in their comfort zone. Exness offers several adaptable account types of financial instruments to serve different arrangements. 

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Recognition of Exness

As we have mentioned, Exness has now become one of the best brokers with relaible and safe regulations. Exness has reached many milestones since its launch, one of which is having 60 thousand active customer accounts. 

In recent years, Exness has reached a great milstone that has increased its popularity by a mile. The action that took Exness to another level of the FX trading market is to sponsor Real Madrid and WWF Russia. We all know that how big the football club Real Madrid is.  

Pros and Cons of Exness

You have seen that Exness is a reliable, safe (less risky), legit, regulated and popular broker. So, you should not be worried about many things before for it. But before making any decision, you should read the pros and cons of Exness. 

Because no one knows whether the pros of Exness are suitable for you or not and the cons of Exness are acceptable for you. So, let’s go a bit deeper:


  • Completely regulated and biddable broker with regulators including FCA, CySEC, others 
  • Variety of account types containing Mini, Classic, ECN, and Islamic 
  • Excellent client support accessible through email, phone, live chat, and more 


  • If you are European, then you can only be entertained with leverage of 1:30.
  • No better variety in trading instruments than other brokers. 
  • For Nasdaq CFD, its typical spread is higher than other brokers.Read More About: newszone787


Now, you must have got the answer to your question: “Does Exness have Nasdaq.”

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