Everything You Need to Know About Football Betting

There are many sports in the world, of which football is one. As a result, the number of gamblers betting on football has increased. Now, if you want to bet on football, you must first have a basic knowledge of the game of football. You need to have the proper knowledge about how to bet on football and which options to bet on. Through this article, you will get a clear idea about football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์).

Details about Football Betting:

Clients of bookmakers can predict almost everything that happens on the field, but all types of bets are divided into the following categories. Now let’s take a closer look at the bets that are most often made on bookmaker sites:

  1. The primary outcome (1-X-2) – allows you to determine the team that will win (1 or 2) or predicts a draw (X). The critical point is that the outcome is established regularly; that is, goals scored in extra minutes or penalties are not counted.
  2. Handicap, or Asian handicap, is an excellent option for gamblers because, in this case, there is no draw. Adding a certain number of points to one or the second team is necessary, which will automatically be taken away from the other. Unlike the previous type of bets, here, the compensated time is taken into account.
  3. Double chance is a bet in which the player can choose not one but two probable outcomes. There are only three possible combinations: the home team wins or a draw, the guests win or a draw, the first or second-team wins. The risk in such transactions is much less than in the definition of single ones, but on the other hand, the coefficients are much lower.
  4. Accurate counting is the most profitable betting option, but it requires luck and careful analysis of your opponents. Professionals rarely choose this type of bet since there are few chances to win, and if they do bet, it is only on several probable outcomes and not on anyone’s combination.
  5. Time + Match (HT / FT) allows you to predict how the first and second half will end or determine the outcome of the first half and the entire fight (this is more difficult). Such bets are optimal when the opponents are approximately the same strength, or the outsiders can win.
  6. The number of goals (total) – you need to determine how many goals will be scored into the opponents’ goal or indicate the number of goals for a particular team (individual total). From the point of view of profitability, such bets are not very attractive due to the increased bookmaker’s margin and the risk of making a mistake.
  7. Total goals TM, TB is a common type of prediction when you have to guess whether the number of points will be less (TM) or more (TB) than the indicator set by the player. They often choose options for more / less than 2.5 goals, although if you analyze all the bookmaker’s offers, you can find bets with a run-up from 0.5 to 7.5 goals.
  8. Draw no bet – involves the exclusion of a draw from the probable results of the match. The advantage is that if the teams’ strengths turn out to be equal, then the bet amount is returned to the deposit, but low odds do not allow counting on a solid win.
  9. Who will score a goal – you will need to choose a player who will make a productive kick, and depending on the BC, you can specify the athlete who scored the first or last goal.
  10. One of the secrets of how to bet on football to win is to choose value bets, those in which the chances of a particular outcome are higher than the odds set by the office are supposed. You can calculate the value for underestimated results using unique calculators or on your own using the formula: Value = (Coefficient * your estimated probability) – 1.


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