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I’ve developed a wall-hanging paper art work to meet the contest’s specifications. As an alternative to hanging the fish cutouts on a piece of paper, you may use this as a design element to attach inside your lampshade, resulting in a fishy glow in your space. This was a lot of fun for me!

Cutting the Fish in Half.

You may either freehand draw or trace a fish. Cut off the pieces using a pen knife. Using a borderline, cut tiny wavy strips around the margins for Fins. Do the same with the tail and other fins. I’ve shown you how to divide a fish tail into sections to give it a more textured and distinct appearance. Draw two half circles for the scales on the body portion and then cut away the inner circle. Finally, I was able to remove the fish from the outside border. If Pop-up Bottle Light Box is your choice, you can have a look at our website.

Water Effect for the Background

Make wavy circles out of a sheet of three different colours, starting with the smallest and working your way up in size, as seen in the figure. Put the smallest one on the darkest shade of double-sided tape, and then layer lighter hues on top of it, starting with the darkest. To provide the illusion of depth or 3D. Finally, grab a piece of A3 paper and cut out a rectangle little smaller than A4 (remove 1cm). Water depth piece may be defined by the white sheet of paper that serves as a boundary. Final step: use the fish cutout paste on top.


Your artwork is now complete!!

You may either wrap it with cellophane at home or frame it afterwards. Afterwards, you may decide whether to paste the fish into a solid colour page or leave the backdrop as is.

Added Hints

It may be tiresome and exhausting to cut things out, particularly large images. Make sure to take frequent pauses and extend your fingers. You don’t always have to include every detail of the source image in your paper cut. The content of your work should be checked every 15 minutes or such. For this, you may just snap a picture and then inspect the image. Something about it keeps me from missing the bigger picture. Paper cutting may be a nerve-wracking experience since it seems to be the end. If you make a mistake, it’s almost impossible to repair. People are going to be impressed that your image holds together and won’t notice any flaws in composition or style. Don’t attempt to repair a mistake straight away if it’s obvious that something is wrong. A lot of the time, this just makes matters worse. Now that you’ve seen a different aspect of the image, consider whether or not anything needs to be changed.

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