How should a good application development approach be?

Today, it can be said that the era of mobile is completely gone. Almost everyone has a good, powerful smartphone. Society inevitably becomes a society with its head down. Because each social media has good content for people to read all the time. Because most of these media have changed from physical to digital, both web and mobile apps are all over the market. Therefore, the competition in this area was more intense than the boiling water in the Korea King pan.

  • Popular languages ​​used to write applications
  • App development process and methods

According to several studies, more than 90% of users load the application in addition to the fierce competition. I only used the app once and then deleted it, and over 77% never used it again after the first try. Where are the statistics that say that people currently download fewer apps? There are only a few native apps that I use. (For example, I only have about 7-8 apps), which, to be honest. Nowadays, it’s low code platform for java developers who want to make an app out of a boom in the market. Almost impossible The more about earning money is almost not to mention. Unless you’re making it to an enterprise-level organization.

But it’s not entirely impossible. It just requires attention to detail. Plus, a bit of luck which if you can make the app out until the user is willing to download it It would be not very good. Suppose you can’t maintain the user base as much as possible. Also known as retention rate, today I’m going to take a quick look at some factors that can help improve the retention rate of our app.

App development guidelines include…

User Experience

A good application has to be easy to use, giving what the user wants, though no tutorial is provided. It should be immediately understood in a matter of seconds. That he can do with our app, which on the contrary If you enter the app and get confused It will be deleted immediately, disoriented as well.


  • A good application should have a simple appearance. Attractive to use, uncomplicated, not cluttered, better than any app with different objects, letters, fonts, flashy font colors. I am floating randomly all over the user’s screen. On the other hand mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker low code alternatives is good for app developing.

Functional app/QA

  • A good application should not have too many features, and each part must be critical to the user and work perfectly. It’s better than an app with all the features, but only a few that the user uses. Plus, each of them is not quite perfect. Because focusing on quality, not focusing on quality, and most importantly, don’t let the app crash unnecessarily. When writing an app, handle errors that are appropriate for the type of error that occurs.

An unknown error occurred.

  • Developers need to write tests that cover the generated code and have QA do all the testing to make sure our app is bug-free. Remember, if a user loads our app for the first time and the app crashes, no doubt, it will be deleted immediately.

Mobile data usage

  • The application requires data usage only when needed and is the most cost-effective for the user, even though the internet is now very affordable. But it’s the money the user has to pay extra to use our app. Anything that can be done can help reduce heavy media loading; it should be done because when a user uses our app and feels that his internet is wasted, the app is blown away from his device. Have a try to use the invoice generator – WeInvoice to make invoices online. 

Battery Usage

  • A good app doesn’t consume too much battery; each release feature should be carefully considered, such as location-related features, and be very careful with background operations. Whichever one doesn’t need to kill is good. The battery drains fast, which means less time the user uses the app as well. So, benefits of hybrid mobile application development platform is more.

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