How to Burn Extra Calories at Office with This Activity


Losing weight is not an easy task. It becomes even harder when you work at an office. You don’t get enough time to work out. You might have already tried some diet plans, but nothing works in the end. Plus, stress, sitting for hours, and lack of exercise will make you grab a cup of coffee and some sweet snacks. In the end, you are likely to get gain more weight when you want to lose it. However, there are many normal activities that you can perform at the office and burn calories. One of the most effective activities is to work by standing at a table. Well, you will need an adjustable desk to set the height according to your needs.

Work While Standing

We are not made to sit for hours. We need certain kinds of movements in our daily activities. Several studies show that an average adult should engage in physical exercises for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes a week. However, we cannot do it as we live a comfortable like sitting in a bus, car, home, and even at the office. No wonder that is the reason why most people get heart problems and blood circulatory problems these days. They come with back pain and neck pain as well.

Several studies on office employees of different companies have shown that neck pain and back pain has remained the main reasons behind many. Our calorie consumption while sitting also drops to an absolute low level. And as we said, we add extra pounds to our body. Losing weight in the office is not as difficult as you might think. A few small changes in everyday life can have a big impact and make losing weight a child’s play for professionals.

You do not need to spare a few minutes to do some exercises other physical activities during office hours. You just need to choose to work standing. Yes, this simple change in your working style and increase the burning of more calories. Even if movement is the best and most natural human condition, standing is many times better than sitting. Working while standing increases calorie consumption when doing office work. You just need an adjustable table. Such desks have decisive advantages over a conventional office desk, especially if you want to be a little active at the office.

Besides burning some extra calories, standing for a few hours can relieve you from back and neck pain. Plus, it has also been noticed in many research that work while standing increases creativity and productivity.

How Working while Standing Can Be Helpful

It Burns Extra Calories

We already said that just standing at the workplace or other places helps you to burn more calories. But how many calories do you burn? You are not likely to lose hundreds of calories by this activity, but it is better to do something than nothing. Standing for an hour burns more than 40 calories.

Thus, if you choose to work for at least three hours a day standing, you are likely to burn over six hundred calories in a week. Now it seems like a legit plan to lose weight, right? Apart from working, you can also use your break time to stand for a few minutes. For instance, whether you are chatting with someone or betting on games at sites like 22Bet live betting, you need to do all these by just standing. Avoid couch and burn calories.

It Moves the Muscles on The Side

Trained muscles consume more energy even at rest. Compared to one kilogram of fat with an energy consumption of 4 kcal per day, a muscle consumes around 14 kcal. That doesn’t mean you have to run to the gym right away. Less stressed muscles can be trained just by standing regularly. We recommend standing on a balance board every now and then or even considering a desk treadmill for even more core muscles and training.

Your Appetite Reduces

Those who exercise regularly or even just stand have less hunger and appetite. When we sit down, the production of a natural appetite suppressant is repressed; we constantly feel hungry and often grab snacks. This risk increases when we work at an office and have to sit all day long. Plus, stress does other work to increase appetite. Thus, just standing can reduce your appetite.

Essential Tips to Stay Healthy at Office

  • Take a walk to the washroom or pantry are for water every hour.
  • Try to walk while you are on calls.
  • Arrange a short meeting standing up.
  • If you travel by train or bus, get off a station earlier from your stop and take a walk to your home.
  • Use stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Eat healthily. Go for veggies.
  • Avoid coffee every time you feel bored at home. Instead, eat some fruits or take time for meditation.

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