How to Help Your Child Achieve Better Oral Hygiene

Better oral hygiene for your child will stem from your daily habits. Your child will learn to brush their teeth from observing how you clean yours. Brentwood pediatric dentistry can help evaluate their oral health and devise suitable dental techniques and habits if you want them to have better dental hygiene and oral health.

Common dental problems in children

The following are common dental problems that your child can experience.

  • Tooth cavities
  • Dental emergencies
  • Excessive thumb sucking
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Gum disease

Practices that can help

Your child can learn proper dental hygiene from your daily habits. They will observe how you brush your teeth and copy what you do. The best you can do for them is encourage them to practice dental hygiene together.

Use the following tips to help your child maintain good oral health and hygiene habits.

Teach them oral hygiene early

Since children perform best through observation, let them learn from your practices and start to brush their teeth as early as possible. Create a routine and follow it. Your child might get used to it and love the process as they grow.

Teach them to hold a toothbrush and gently brush their teeth without hurting their gums. Remember, they might want to stop if they feel pain or discomfort. Allow them to transition into the routine.

Get enough fluoride

Strengthening and protecting your child’s teeth is essential even before you spot a problem. You can use child-friendly toothpaste and mouthwash to give your child fresh breath and stronger teeth. It is also important to ask them to rinse their mouths, especially after consuming sugary and acidic foods.

Practice good dietary habits

The foods that you consume can affect the health of your teeth. Considering that most children love to consume sweets, you can limit them to avoid cavities and other dental problems. You can offer sugary drinks only a certain amount daily or on alternative days.

Prepare healthy snacks full of fruits and vegetables and encourage your child to eat them. Apples and carrots can substitute crunchy snacks like crisps which are unhealthy if they consume them a lot. You can switch from soda and juices to milk, yogurt, and smoothies.

Deal with dental anxiety gently

While attending dental cleanings and other procedures is vital for your child’s health, you must not force them. Instead, reassure them that no harm will come to them and you will be by their side, especially if they are young.

You can try calming techniques or distracting things like television or music. The distraction can help them remove the focus from what their dentist is doing. You can encourage them to carry their favorite toy to the dentist to have something familiar.

If you want to start pediatric dental check-ups, visit Hendricks Dental Specialists for pediatric and adult dental services. You can access your child’s and your dental care under one roof. Visit the center for thorough evaluations before you receive suitable treatment. Call or book an appointment online and maintain better oral hygiene.

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