I’m Tired of COVID Holding Me Back

Since the beginning of the pandemic, COVID has been a terrible trouble to just about everyone, and I’m no exception. In the two years since its arrival, it has taken a serious toll on my physical and mental well-being, and in many ways, I feel like a different person.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of exciting things to do once the pandemic is over. I can’t wait to spread my wings and fly into freedom after being stuck in the same drab nest for so long. What’s great is that, recently, there has been a sense that the world will return to normal soon, so maybe I’ll be able to check off some of my goals before the end of the year!

Going to See a Movie with My Friends and Family

Remember when we didn’t have to worry about enjoying life’s simplest pleasures, like watching a movie with friends and family? Spending a night at the theater was one of my favorite things to do—I loved the magic of the big screen and cherished the time I was able to spend with the people I hold close to my heart.

When COVID struck, it obviously became impractical to keep theatergoing in my life. Losing this hobby has been a huge bummer, so once things transition back to normal, I’m going to return to the movies without worrying about getting sick.

Hitting the Gym More Frequently

Joining a gym is much more rewarding than working out at home. At the gym, you have the opportunity to use expensive, effective equipment, and can even enjoy neat features like saunas and salt rooms.

COVID has severely limited the different gyms in my area, so as time has gone on, I’ve gained a lot of weight that I’d rather not keep. Once COVID dies down, I plan to renew my gym membership and work out more religiously than ever before.

It’s hard to appreciate the good things in life until they’re gone, but I promise that I will never again take my luxuries for granted!

Taking Care of My Stressed Looks

The stresses of the pandemic have definitely impacted my appearance. I look older than I ever have, not to mention ragged and hollow-eyed. I’ve even noticed that some of my hair has gone gray, especially around the temples, and I’m not even in my mid-forties!

To turn back the clock, I’m going to get a facelift. Hopefully, this nip-and-tuck will reverse the damage that spending so much time indoors has inflicted on me; it might even help me put COVID in the past! I truly believe that cosmetic work will be the key to sustaining a youthful appearance while aging through these extremely trying times.

Eating Without Anxiety

Although people have always loved to eat out, the restaurant business has taken a major hit because of the pandemic. Business owners have done their best to mitigate the detriments of mask mandates and outdoor-only dining, but countless eateries have shut down, since it is nearly impossible to sustain a thriving enterprise with so many restrictions.

It will be so refreshing to connect with people again, and to sit across from one another, indoors, without so many worries on our minds. I almost can’t remember what it’s like to enjoy the ambiance of a space outside of my own home! Humans are social creatures, after all, so it’s no wonder that dining together is such a huge part of our culture. One thing is for sure: I will be eating out almost every day when COVID is gone and will do my best to make up for all of the meals I’ve lost over the last two years!

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