Interesting Things To Know About The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Every per is a responsibility that a pet owner should not neglect. Before you adopt one, it’s helpful to know all the details about a particular breed. Let’s take the Norwegian Forest breed, for example. What do you need to know?


These are enormous cats. Males may weigh up to 22 pounds, while females are slightly smaller. The Wegie grows slowly and doesn’t reach full maturity until it’s five years old.


Wegie, the calm and friendly Norwegian Forest Cat, is affectionate towards its pet parents. Still, it does not require constant attention or caressing. He is content to remain in the same room as others and will occupy himself if no one else is there. Even though he enjoys human interaction, he may be reticent with strangers.

He’s not really much of a couch cat, also with family. Still, a good scratch between both the ears or under the chin is always appreciated. He’ll generally return the favor with a head butt or cheek massage. He uses traditional Scandinavian restraint in his communication. He can raise his voice when he’s hungry or neglected. Check out this link for more

This big and athletic cat, unsurprisingly, is a climber. He is frequently seen at the highest spot he can access in the house, and unlike other cats, he has no qualms about leaping from trees or other heights. The Wegie enjoys swimming in a body of water for a tasty meal, thanks to his ancestry as a wildness and farm cat, as well as his weatherproof coat. Beware, inhabitants of aquariums and koi ponds! While he enjoys the outdoors, he prefers to be alone in his house.

This is a clever, intelligent cat with a rapid learning curve and a vigilant demeanor. He enjoys playing and thrives in the company of a busy family who adores him.

You should definitely brush your pet once or twice a week. If you come across knots, carefully work them out to avoid injuring the cat. Even people don’t like knots when they brush their hair. It is uncommon that a bath is required, which is a positive thing. It might be challenging to get this particular breed wet enough for a bath because of his nearly impervious coat.

Periodontal disease may be avoided by brushing your teeth. Daily oral hygiene is ideal, but brushing once a week is preferable to nothing. To eliminate any discharge, clean the corners of your eyes with a gentle, wet cloth regularly.

To avoid the danger of transmitting infection, use a different portion of the towel for each eye. Examine the ears at least once a week. If they appear unclean, use a cotton ball or soft wet cloth soaked with a 50-50 combination of cider vinegar and heat to wipe them clean. Cotton swabs should not be used since they can harm the ear’s inside.

Maintain the litter box as clean as possible. Wegies, like other cats, are quite fussy about their toilet cleanliness. It will also assist in keeping their hair clean if they have a clean litter box.

Although he is made to withstand the cold, keeping a Norwegian Forest Cat as an indoor-only cat will protect him against diseases carried by other cats, assaults by dogs or other predators, and other risks that cats encounter when they venture outside, such as getting hit by a car.

Wegies who go outside are also vulnerable to theft by someone who wants to acquire such a unique cat without paying for it. If at all feasible, provide a spacious outdoor enclosure for your Wegie so that he may safely enjoy the weather. Find out more on this page.


The Norwegian Forest Cat is known for its enormous size and long, thick, gorgeous coat. The head is shaped like an inverted triangle, with a tip at the chin and a broadening on either side up into the tufted medium to large ears.

Even though white cats might have blue or strange eyes, their large, almond-shaped eyes are green, gold, or copper). With its wide chest and powerfully muscled thighs, the somewhat lengthy body appears powerful. Between the toes are tufts of hair on the large spherical paws. The bushy tail reaches the same length as the body.

The length of the waterproof double coat differs. The “bib” starts with a short neck collar, side “mutton chops,” and a complete frontal ruff. The rear legs are covered with full britches, which have long hair on the thighs. The coat is lengthy and flowy on the body, although it varies with the seasons. In comparison to his full winter splendor, a Wegie seems rather bare in the summer.

Apart from chocolate, lavender, or lilac, or a pointy pattern like the Siamese, the coat comes in nearly any pattern and color, even without white. You can check out Norwegian forest cat breed info by holistapet to learn more about the topic.

Do kids love it?

The laid-back, friendly Norwegian Forest Cat is an excellent choice for parents with kids and pets who are cat-friendly. He loves the spotlight he receives from youngsters who treat him with care and politeness, and he doesn’t mind dressing up or riding in a baby carriage.

Because of his sociable demeanor, he gets along well with other cats and cat-loving canines. Introduce pets gradually and under-regulated conditions to ensure that they learn to coexist.

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