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SnagFilms is an online service that offers free streaming of thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It is based in Washington, DC and New York. Founded in 2008, it is backed by Ted Leonsis, Rick Allen, and Steve Case. There are more than 90,000 linked websites in the network. The service offers a wide variety of films, including comedy, documentary, and action.

In addition to its own online library, SnagFilms also broadcasts films to its global online audience on a variety of different platforms. For example, it has signed distribution deals with several cable and satellite giants, as well as mobile phone carriers. They also offer films to subscribers of video on demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

The SnagFilms app is available on the iPad and other mobile devices. It allows users to watch more than 50 documentaries for free. Several SnagFilms titles have also been licensed for sale on the Xbox Live store.

SnagFilms offers more than 5,000 independent films. Its catalog includes genres such as horror, comedy, and award-winning feature films. The site also features independent documentaries, shorts, and videos. Some of the highlights of the site include the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, the comedy Gabe and Max Need Help, and the documentary The Corporation.

SnagFilms is a great way to see movies that you might otherwise not have the time to see. By combining editorial finds with recommendations and personal preferences, the site helps you find the perfect movie. Whether you’re looking for the latest blockbuster, a comedy, a documentary, or a movie for your kids, the site has something for you. historyglow techybio overallnetworth interbiography mhtspace

SnagFilms has been named as a Top 100 Technology Company by Red Herring. It is also a 2013 Webby Award honoree. As an ad-supported independent documentary film distributor, SnagFilms offers hundreds of titles that are available to viewers on demand. With the service’s new partnerships with Comcast and Verizon FiOS TV, SnagFilms is also extending its reach to a larger audience.

SnagFilms’ library expands to include more than two thousand documentary films. You can watch these films on your computer, mobile device, or through an online multiplex. Despite the fact that these titles are not as popular as Netflix or YouTube, they are still a great way to watch some excellent movies.

The SnagFilms platform also broadcasts multilingual films. Users can watch and interact with these films via the site’s widgets. Several nonprofit organizations participate with SnagFilms, allowing viewers to support their work. These nonprofits include the American Film Institute, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

SnagFilms has a team of aficionados and experts to ensure that its users are provided with the most compelling selections. You can even create your own custom SnagFilms widget on your own website. This allows you to curate your own library of movies, allowing you to create a personalized experience for your visitors.

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