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Goldbelly, the New York City based company which operates a number of restaurants, has reportedly secured $100 million in funding. It has also added new restaurant partners to its roster and scaled its technology and operations to cope with the challenges of serving more customers. As a result, the company’s stock price has rocketed, and many investors are hopeful for the company’s future.

Recovering from the COVID-19 crisis

The Goldbelly has a plethora of accolades to brag about. One of the company’s acolytes is a chef whose kitchen is an incubator of the culinary persuasion. Moreover, the company’s tumultuous ten years in the business is not without its share of kinks. But a few snags along the way are more than offset by the plethora of successes and tribulations. This is not to mention the many new customers the company is hoping to lock into over the coming months. As for the company’s current clientele, a couple of notable departures are the likes of some of the company’s biggest boosters. That’s not to mention a few duds and a few ah-ha’s. Yet, the company is not about to be ostracized in the name of a tidbit.

Scaling technology and operations

Goldbelly is a New York City based food e-commerce platform. It has 850 restaurant partners across 50 states and offers a unique value proposition. This is aided by a recent $20 million investment from Enlightened Hospitality Investments, which is led by restaurateur Danny Meyer.

Having a name a la Goldbelly and some $100 million in venture funding won’t hurt, but the company has also managed to garner a number of notable accomplishments. Most notably, it has helped a whopping 400 restaurants to survive lockdown orders. Additionally, it has wowed diners with its virtual cook-along series. But perhaps the most interesting feat of its is the company’s foray into omnichannel dining. The company will be rolling out a mobile app and drive-thru technology this year. In fact, they are reportedly on the verge of offering livestreamed cooking classes with celebrity chefs.

Goldbelly has not been shy about trumpeting its success, boasting a 300% increase in overall business growth compared to last year. They are still a young company, however, and if they are able to meet their ambitious growth targets, they could become a household name in no time.

Adding new restaurant partners

Goldbelly is a food e-commerce platform that enables chefs to sell their signature dishes. It’s based in New York City. The company works with 850 restaurants across 50 states. A new $100 million investment will allow it to expand and scale its technology and operations.

Goldbelly was founded in San Francisco in 2013. Over the past year, it has seen tremendous growth. Last quarter, its revenue tripled. Now, the company plans to add more staff and invest in new content initiatives. Eventually, Goldbelly hopes to have more than 1,000 restaurants on its platform.

The company is backed by Danny Meyer, owner of Shake Shack, Union Square Cafe, and Gramercy Tavern. Ranjith Roy, a former Goldman Sachs executive, joined the company as CFO. He previously led the firm’s banking relationships with e-commerce companies.

Goldbelly offers a diverse selection of thousands of food items from all over the U.S., and its offerings represent the best of American regional cuisine. In addition, it offers unique value propositions. For example, it has created a virtual cook-along series with celebrity chefs. This has been a hit with consumers.

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