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Genesis Tiger Global 45M is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to build rich, interactive user interfaces. It allows you to quickly and easily develop and expand your software applications. With it, you can develop new software up to five times faster than you would if you had to start from scratch.

Build new software more than 5x faster than if you had started from scratch

Genesis is a company that has developed a low-code/no-code application development platform for financial markets organizations. This platform helps software developers build applications more quickly and easily than ever. In fact, it can allow them to create new software five times faster than they could if they started from scratch. It also streamlines system integrations, enables real-time data aggregation, and enables event-driven workflows.

The financial markets industry is undergoing a profound transformation, and large institutions are being forced to replace legacy infrastructure and rebuild their technology architecture. They are also facing greater regulatory burden and user demands. To keep up, firms are using a ‘buy-to-build’ strategy, which means they’re able to acquire software from a large vendor and use it to perform their functions. However, this approach is not only costly, but also involves a lot of maintenance.

To help companies break out of their traditional paradigms, Genesis has created a platform that allows them to create new applications, upgrade old systems, or isolate the functionality of a legacy system. These tools allow financial services companies to build robust applications in record time, and deliver innovative software to their clients.

Reuse reusable components

One of the most notable features of Genesis is their no-code/low-code application platform that’s tailored to the financial markets. The company recently closed a $200 million round led by Tiger Global. It also received investment from Alphabet’s GV and other notable backers. Whether you’re looking for the best way to build your own software, or you’re simply in the market for a new fintech platform, you’ll want to check out Genesis.

What’s more, the company is also providing the tools to make your job easier, including a toolkit with guides for non-developers. This is paired with modern technology to ensure the platform’s scalability and speed. Despite its relative simplicity, the platform can handle the performance needs of some of the best financial institutions in the world. Plus, the company’s tech is backed by the likes of the top coders in the industry. With the help of this high-caliber team, you’ll be able to create the next generation of applications that can do it all, with the click of a button.

Develop rich, interactive user interfaces

The Genesis platform is an application development platform that has been specifically built for the financial markets industry. It provides tools that developers can use to create applications faster, more efficiently, and more flexibly. In particular, the company has created a low-code/no-code tool that makes it easier for software developers to build and manage enterprise applications.

For example, the platform allows users to create custom interface components without having to write a single line of code. Also, the company has designed an end-to-end two-way pipeline to allow data from multiple sources to stream into their applications. These features are designed to improve the overall user experience for users, while also simplifying the process of data import and aggregation.

In addition to offering an easy-to-use development platform, Genesis has developed a number of pre-packaged interface components that can be easily integrated into an application. The company has even created a testing tool to ensure the reliability of newly created applications.

Expand into other highly regulated markets

The Genesis platform is built for developers. It helps developers supercharge their development by enabling them to create applications and software faster and more efficiently. They can use the platform’s reusable components to build new solutions that are fast and scalable.

Genesis is a low-code application platform (LCAP) for financial markets organizations. The platform addresses complex use cases and enables customers to improve legacy systems, streamline system integrations, and develop new applications. It also offers a modular and event-driven architecture. It is the first LCAP built for financial markets, and has attracted an impressive global list of customers.

The company has offices in New York, Miami, Sao Paulo, London, Dublin, and Sao Paulo. Genesis is trusted by such organizations as B3, Citi, ING, and London Clearing House. Using the platform, customers can build new applications and improve legacy systems at five times the speed of development through the buy-to-build model.

The company has recently received funding, including a $45 million Series B led by Accel, and by GV, Insight Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and Tribeca Early Stage Partners. Genesis plans to use these funds to expand its platform, build out low-code tooling, and grow its sales team. This will enable it to target other verticals in the future.

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