The Best Office Chairs to Keep You Comfortable All Day Long

On average, professionals spend about 10 hours every day sitting in their office chairs. This equates to about 17,000 hours annually.

If these 17000 hours are mishandled, they can take down your health really quickly. It can negatively impact your posture and lead to the development of several long-term musculoskeletal disorders. It will also hinder your current productivity and mess with your potential.

So, it’s best to pay attention to your office chair. Choose one that suits your work lifestyle and physical needs.

Below, we’ve listed five options that work well for most environments and needs. Browse through to pick one for yourself!

Best Types of Office Chairs

Technically, there are several kinds of office chairs. There are chairs built for looks, and then there are chairs built for ergonomics. We have short-listed the types of office chairs that offer a blend of both qualities. Hence, you only need to pick one as per your taste!

Moon Chair

By definition, moon chairs are chairs with a wide base and rounded seat shape. The seating cushion of a moon chair is shaped like an inverted wide cup. As a result, these offer ample room to stretch your back or adjust a cushion behind your back. You can also sit upright.

Apart from offering flexible seating angles, moon chairs look contemporary and modish. These are an excellent pick for small offices and home offices. That’s because you can also use them as guest seats or dinner table chairs when you’re not using them for work purposes.

We also recommend this chair because it’s lightweight. You can easily move it around. Some alternate names for moon chairs include Papasan chair or bowl chair.

Mesh Chair

Lately, mesh chairs have become synonymous with ergonomic chairs. These chairs have a mesh back. Sometimes the seating cushion and arm-rest padding are also covered with mesh material.

Some of the primary benefits of mesh office chairs are:

  • They are lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • They facilitate ventilation.
  • They are affordable and easily available.

What’s more, these chairs come with removable and external accessories. Plus, the construction complies with corporate environments. They look sleek and professional.

Usually, mesh chairs are available in black colors. But you can also find colored variants if you look forward to setting up a themed workspace. In terms of pricing, mesh chairs are super affordable. An average mesh chair will cost you $50 – $500. But they can be as expensive as $1695.

High-Back Chair

As evident from the name, high-back chairs provide extensive support to the spine. These chairs support all the way from the lumbar region up to the neck and head. By providing complete support to the back, these chairs ensure a proper posture. You sit upright all day long. Consequently, the chances and occurrences of migraines and backaches decrease. You can also tackle body stiffness with the reclining feature that most high-back chairs come equipped with.

In terms of look, these do not stand out. However, owing to their size, they look humongous. Hence, we recommend these for spacious offices, especially when workers have got their respective, separate rooms or units.

Leather Chair

The leather chair is the traditional office chair. We’ve seen this one around for quite too long, even before the word ergonomic popped up in the professional world.

However, there’s a drastic difference between today’s leather office chair and an old leather office chair.

Primarily, these chairs use leather material, which means there’s no ventilation. However, the thick padding of these chairs makes them firmer and provides better support. They are also more durable and classier.

Ergonomic Stools

Ergonomic stools are contemporary-looking office chairs for makeshift offices. If your work hours range from 1-3 hours, you ought to go with an ergonomic stool. That’s because it’ll help you sit upright and get your task done really quickly. Plus, it usually comes with height adjustability and a comfortable seating area. So, you can adjust it at your convenience.

It saves you heaps of money, and it’s pretty lightweight. Hence, we recommend it for employees with part-time roles.

Final Thoughts

When buying an office chair, choosing the right type of office chair is not the only factor you’ve to consider. You should also invest time in finding out the right brand. Good and reputable brands will offer quality products. The chairs they offer will not only take care of you but your pocket as well. Their products will be durable.

So, ensure that you read experts’ and users’ reviews and feedback about that particular office chair. Good luck!

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