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Instagram has a verification process. If you want to be verified, you can get a blue badge on your profile which will make you look more official and legitimate! This website badge, others around you will trust in your integrity, authority and ability to complete tasks. In order to get a blue badge for your Instagram account, the account must represent some sort of business or legal entity, or it must represent an actual person. If you’re someone important and influential enough (like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé), you don’t need any special recognition from Instagram because everyone already knows who they are!

Instagram is so aware of fake accounts that they have instituted a new feature to help combat any possibility of ghost accounts appearing on their network. It’s becoming more and more common for people to simply create an account then stop using it after its purpose has been served. This website has a new verification system that will look at your popularity and how long you have been around so as to keep the platform free of fraudulent activity. You can be verified by uploading a photo that shows your face next to a clearly visible paper indicating your Instagram handle and current date.

You need to showcase your credibility on the site if you want to have a successful profile. First of all, you need engagement so that people know you’re active on the site. Then, make sure you have likes (likes are important) and comments to show that people are interested in your content or blog posts. If you’re looking for ways to get more exposure from your content, BuzzVoice can help! You can buy Instagram Likes from them as they serve people from across the world. Buying Instagram Likes from them will not result in your account being shut down or negatively affected in any way whatsoever! Another avenue which could give you a huge boost is through instagram growth services ! There are many great agencies out there which allow your account to grow exponentially with their use!

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When people look at your Instagram profile and they see the little blue badge there in your profile’s bio, this is a sign that you’re a trustworthy person. It says that when someone clicks over to your business’ website, they will have just as much confidence in their decision as well. The little blue badge symbolises how reliable you are to consumers who might otherwise be wary because of the nature of untrustworthy social media sources nowadays.

Many people have been victims of people creating accounts using their names. To prevent identity theft, you can verify your account. The more your account grows on Instagram, the more people steal your pictures and even pretend to be you. When approaching Instagram to report fake profiles, it becomes challenging to prove that you are the account owner.Being verified can help you protect yourself from identity theft as others will be aware of your social media accounts. If you’re verified, you can easily report fake accounts by pinpointing their similarities in comparison to your own accounts and also have them taken down if necessary.

Truth be told, there are (many) perks for being verified on Instagram! For starters, once you get verified on Instagram, you’re able to try out new tools that have yet to be released to typical users. In addition, as a verified user your account will work with the company itself on promoting any new tools they want to add to the platform. There is an added plus side if you really love these types of projects: some accounts may even be paid just for keeping up with it.

Final Remarks

Getting verified on Instagram is a dream come true for many business owners, but it’s important to remember that just because you’re verified it doesn’t mean that your growth will keep on steadily increasing at the same rate because there are many different influencing factors one has to consider. On this website take a closer look at who your target audience is and do everything in your power to appeal to them. Remember – getting yourself verified can be great, but if you take a step back and evaluate things carefully, you have to think about what benefits actually stem out of the said procedure, rather than simply looking at how much brand recognition you’ll be acquiring with their help.

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