The Tarot: Its Advantages and Secrets

Expanding the horizons of experiences and allowing for the influence of energies for one’s own good is something that many people advocate for. Consulting the tarot is one of the ways to know more about yourself and work to choose the best decisions. Openness to this experience can lead to the best path, change the perspective of many issues or reaffirm the point of view on a situation. The reasons for consulting the tarot can be many and varied, for which, opening up to this is essential.

Why consult the tarot?

There is no particular situation that invites you to consult the tarot, this can be done when going through difficult situations, because the objective of consulting the cards is to know what is not visible to the senses themselves.

What is necessary is to go to someone knowledgeable and with extensive experience, in order to be sure that there will be a professional group in the esoteric arts, capable of offering services of correct interpretations and readings to show where these negative energies are generated from.

Advantages of consulting

The worries of life and fear come from the feeling of uncertainty that surrounds the person, the unknown always generates discomfort, but consulting the tarot is a way to reduce that uncertainty and, with it, to be able to cope with fear and alleviate worries that haunt every day.

Having an answer to the unknown increases self-confidence, it is a means to face difficulties, and above all, to face decisions. The tarot does not dictate a path to follow, does not impose ways of acting, nor does it sentence a destiny, it is limited to exposing the situations of the past, present and future, it makes a description of the essence of the being that it consults, of its energy and of those who surround them. Decisions and paths to follow are left to free will.

Therefore, the tarot broadens the panorama of the present that is lived, it makes consider each element and situation, but life continues to be the one who consults, and it is that person who decides how to live it.

Tarot cards

There is no single form of tarot cards, they have been modified over the years, since it is a practice that has been running for centuries and centuries, but of course, the passage of time has transformed them. However, these transformations involve a name or symbol change that can be better adapted to the context.

For example, the arcanum V is known as the High Priest, but he has also been referred to as The Pope, The Teacher or The Hierophant. These variations are usually due to the creator of that new tarot, but their link and meaning are usually the same.

Tarot structure

The tarot is made up of 78 cards, divided into 3 series:

The minor arcana. Which are divided into 4 different elements that are: sword, coarse, cups and gold. This series is made up of 40 cards, 10 for each element.

Honors. It is the name of another of the tarot divisions, it is made up of 16 cards and represents the trumps. The figures represented in these cards are aristocratic characters such as pages, knights, kings, queens and jacks.

The major arcana. The total number of cards is 21. In them a number, a figure and a name are reflected, there is only one card without a number that can be used optionally, it is the Fool.

Tarot secrets

When making a tarot consultation, it is important to know some secrets that will make this experience more meaningful and fruitful.

The interpretation of the cards goes beyond what their name says. When a tarot reader exposes the meaning of a spread, he must interpret the order of appearance of each card and take into account the meaning of each one in particular. It is a very complex art, full of meanings everywhere.

The consultant intervenes in the reading. Although it is believed that when consulting the tarot one is only going to listen and ask, an energy is generated between the tarot reader and the consultant that allows the cards to manifest with meaning for the consultant, through the tarot reader. Basically, this is similar to the process of fortune-telling through mediums but not exactly the same.

Now you understand how tarot works. Hopefully this article adds to your insight.

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