Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Wine Rack

Determining where and how you’ll keep your wine is one of the most enjoyable components of starting your own collection. Nonetheless, the vast number of available wine-racking choices can be bewildering. You can get jails, cabinets, drawers, countertops, and shelves. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which design will work best in a certain setting. Here are some considerations for selecting a wooden wine rack.

How Many Bottles Do You Need to Store?

Knowing the number of bottles you need to store is important whether you’re shopping for a rack to fulfil a functional or aesthetic necessity. This will give you an idea of how many and what kind of racks you need to purchase. You can store the maximum number of bottles in every given wine rack. The good news is that if you fall in love with a certain style or type of wine rack, you can always add extra racks to store even more wine.

Why Do You Need a Rack for Your Wine?

There are two primary reasons to purchase a wine rack, even though there are many advantages to employing racks for wine storage.

There are wine enthusiasts who actually put racks to good use. A rack can provide a convenient and orderly solution for storing and accessing many labelled bottles. You can now quickly identify the required bottle if the need arises.

In contrast, if your bottles were stacked in cartons, you’d have difficulty locating the specific vintage you’re seeking.

Yet, for some collectors, racks serve primarily as a means of presentation. Racks allow you to arrange your wine bottles in a visually pleasing fashion, which is fun to do before guests.

Having racks that serve a practical purpose and look well would be ideal. The good news is that most racks are made to look good and serve their functional purpose. If you want to be happy with your wooden wine rack purchase, it helps to have some idea of what you hope to accomplish by installing one. If you’re in the market for a wine rack to create a show-stopping cellar but acquire a practical, no-frills wine rack instead, you will be left with a major buyer’s regret.

How Big is Your Space for Storage?

The size of your storage area is the next thing to consider when choosing a wooden wine rack. Some of us have enormous wine cellars that may easily accommodate dozens of racks and hundreds of bottles. Some of us can only spare a little section of the wall or the area under the stairs. A racking system will work for your wine collection no matter how much or little room you have.

Before going rack shopping, take accurate measurements of your space’s walls to get a feel for how big your racks should be to accommodate the number of items you plan on storing. Also, if you think you need more than one rack to accommodate your items, remember that you can stack them next to each other.

Final Remarks

How you would like to store your wine and your available space and price range will determine the best wooden wine rack. You can choose to get your wine rack pre-stained if you’d like it to match the colour scheme of your home or if you simply have a colour preference. If you choose to DIY the staining, use water-based products. If odours seep into the bottle through the cork, an oil-based finish could compromise the quality of your wine.

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