Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of treating the structure and function of the human mouth. It is a branch of dentistry that seeks to restore health and beauty to teeth, gums, and surrounding tissue through various treatment options. Glendale, CA cosmetic dentistry may be used to improve the appearance of cosmetic issues such as crooked teeth or discolored teeth. Also, it can be used to remove stains, decay, or other oral problems.

Here is a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments:

Dental inlay

Dental inlays are thin pieces of porcelain or composite material bonded to the tooth. A dental inlay can be used for various treatments, including filling cavities, replacing abutments or crowns, and even bonding teeth together. Dental inlays are stronger than traditional fillings, so they may be a good option for patients with teeth extracted.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain applied to the front surface of your teeth. They can be used to cover small chips and cracks on your teeth, add volume where needed and even change the shape of your smile.

Ligature retainers

Ligature retainers treat various conditions, including malocclusions, overcrowding, and malpositioning. They can be made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and composite materials. Some ligature retainers are designed to be placed over the teeth during the procedure and can remain in place for several months. Others are designed to be removable after several weeks or months. Ligature retainers may also be used in conjunction with tooth extractions or implant placement.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that uses bleaching agents to lighten the color of your teeth. The most common form of bleaching is called tooth whitening. This technique is not permanent but will significantly improve the appearance of your smile by brightening the appearance of your teeth.

It can help you to remove stains from your teeth that may have been caused by tobacco use or other substances you have eaten or drank, such as coffee or red wine. This treatment can also be used to lighten existing stains in the teeth.


Lumineers are custom-made dental composites placed over your natural teeth to improve their appearance and health. They are designed with an invisible layer of clear plastic that makes them look like they are still attached to your teeth when removed. Lumineers are often used to correct discolored or damaged teeth and enhance gaps between the teeth caused by decay, injury, or tooth decay.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings are made of various materials such as gold, silver, ceramic, and porcelain fused together into a solid composite filling that looks like your natural tooth. They can be used for fillings in many areas, including cavities, cracks, fissures in teeth, decayed teeth, stains from trauma, or tobacco use.

Cosmetic dental treatments are required to prevent any major dental issues from occurring. And there are numerous options that are available for people who wish to improve the appearance of their smile. In reality, it is incredibly easy to get your teeth whitened for a fraction of the cost and without the need for painful anesthesia. Visit Alta Canyada Dental Group exerts to receive quality dental care.

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