What Are HTFSE Diamonds?

A few years back, everyone talked about how CBD or THC have so much to offer, but then something amazing happened. We discovered Full-spectrum extracts have much more to offer than CBD or THC alone.

HTFSE diamonds or High Terpenes Full Spectrum Extract is also a full spectrum extract; it preserves the plant’s original cannabinoid and terpene profile. This means that all the beneficial compounds are kept intact, and they give an ‘entourage effect’ to each other.

How Are HTFSE Diamonds Made?

HTFSE extraction requires specialized equipment’s and the whole process is done at low temperature to ensure the terpenes are not destroyed. The process starts with very high-quality fresh or frozen cannabis buds. The input material is first to flash frozen, and then the pressure extraction technique is used to extract the oil. Terpenes have a shallow boiling point, so they are the first to be extracted. So, the HTFSE extraction process always maintains a lower temperature to separate the terpenes first and save them from degradation.

The extracted product is dewaxed to separate unwanted fats and lipids. The product is then allowed to separate into two fractions High-Cannabinoid Full Spectrum (HCFSE), and High Terpene Full Spectrum (HTFSE) diamond extracts under specific lab conditions. HCFSC has more cannabinoids, and it concentrates in the form of diamonds, while HTFSC gets 50% cannabinoid combined with 15-40% terpenes depending on the strain you are using. HTFSE makes a gooey amber color sauce called ‘Live Resin’. This sauce is left for days to crystallize and separate into THC diamonds and terpenes; the process is also called diamond mining.

What Makes HTFSE Diamonds Special?

We know that HTFSC is low on popular cannabinoids like THC or CBD, so why are they so much sought after? Well, it’s because of the ‘entourage effect’ we told you about. Of course, any cannabinoid, CBD, THC, CBN, or terpenes, have their own benefits. But research suggests when all cannabinoids and terpenes are used together, they create a greater synergy than the sum of its parts.

This makes HTFSE so special; it contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes in the right proportions and offers the entourage effect. And that’s why there is no other cannabis extract that can offer you the same benefits as HTFSE.

Using HTFSE:

Terpenes are temperature sensitive, so smoking or baking HTFSC doesn’t give you the full benefits. Instead, dabbing and vape pens are the preferred method of using HTFSE. These tools let you control precise temperature and save those precious terpenes for the best flavor and effect.

HTFSE has a strong, pungent flavor profile close to the raw cannabis plant. When you dab it, the vapor will be thick, sticky, and full of flavor. Because of high THC, you will feel the immediate effects and lasting high.

As the research evolves how we look at cannabinoids, more uses of HTFSE are found. Its synergistic effect is being tested for different medicinal benefits. HTFSE may become the answer to pain management, anxiety, infections, and inflammation.

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