What Kind of Electric Dog Fence Would Be The Right Choice? Here We Answer

Whether it is to close property and prevent your dog from running away, from preventing access to a swimming pool, or from protecting the vegetable garden, the fence is the solution. Still, some dogs do not let themselves be stopped so quickly!

Fortunately, there is the electric dog fence at home depot. Initially reserved for herds, it is perfect for the dog, with, of course, some adaptations. So how to choose the best electric fence for your dog, on what criteria to rely on, are anti-repellency collars an exciting alternative? Here are some answers to finally keep your 4-legged friend safe.

Description: All That You Need To Know

Diffusing only a slight impulse, the electric dog fence does not represent a danger, neither for humans nor for animals. Modular, easy to install, it represents a simple and durable solution to counter runaway dogs or quite simply to isolate part of their garden.

An electric dog fence is made up of a pulse generator, or energizer, connected to the earth, a conductive wire or tape, stakes (these can be sold with the rest and are then pre-insulated, but can also use stakes already in place, in this case, you will need insulators). A controller can be associated with this set, which will monitor the system’s performance.

It can be used alone or combined with a mesh fence. Good protection is obtained by combining the two types of barriers. In this case, you will place the electric dog fence 30 cm from the fence, and this will be enough to dissuade the most obstinate and athletic.

The transmitter

When one end of the fence is close to an electrical outlet, you can choose a standard model with an electrical outlet. But if this is not the case, there are devices equipped with a battery that makes it possible to do without a direct connection or even a solar panel that takes over if the battery is flat.

Choose a power suitable for the animal, and the impulse should be unpleasant and not cause him pain, let alone be dangerous for his health. The power of an electric dog fence varies from 0.2 to 2 joules, to be determined according to the dog’s size.

The driver

The handler has two functions:

It transmits the electrical impulse to the dog to signal him not to exceed this zone, and he visually shows the dog the limit not to be exceeded. Thus, the dog must indeed be able, thanks to this conductor, to link the punishment felt, the electric shock, and the visual “obstacle” marked by the wire or the tape.

  •         The blue tint is considered the most visible to the dog. In addition, the blue-colored wires are made of copper, which is an excellent conductor.
  •         The thickness of the conductor is also essential; prefer a tape to a thread if your dog has poor eyesight or is very impulsive.
  •         Depending on the size of the dog, you will place the conductors higher or lower. We generally recommend 12, 27, and 55 cm for small sizes, 25, 50, and 85 cm for large dogs.

The driver must be as isolated as possible from the ground to not contact the ground or the vegetation that grows there. The maintenance of this vegetation near the wire will therefore be essential.

Use of Insulators

They serve to isolate the conductor from the ground and protect the system, making it more durable. Any contact with the ground causes a loss of energy. You need one insulator per stake. Select the insulator that matches the chosen conductor, such as the stakes explicitly.

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