What to Do About Having an STD

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can affect anyone, but women are more heavily affected as the condition could cause serious complications like infertility. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider STD testing in Winter Park as often as possible. Some conditions may not show themselves but will cause serious effects as they advance if they aren’t caught early. Note that discovering you have an STD is not the end, as there are several ways you can handle these different conditions and still lead a quality life. Here is what you ought to do if you test positive for an STD.

Give Yourself Time to Process the Information

STDs can be embarrassing, and it is normal to become emotional if you test positive for one of the conditions. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your issue, you may feel ashamed, angry, sad, or frustrated. You might be confused, not knowing what to do next, and the best thing to do is give yourself time to deal with the emotions first and then make informed choices moving forward. You do not have to feel bad about it. At least now you can start to receive treatment and minimize further complications. Also, note that STDs are common, and you are not alone.

Open Up to Your Partner(s)

If you receive a positive test result for an STD, the responsibility is on your hands to tell your partner or anyone you have had sex with when you suspect you may have had the condition. This is crucial as it will help them take the necessary step and be tested since STDs are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Understandably, this can be an awkward experience, but it is the right thing to do. You can seek counseling on how to go about it, especially with past partners.

Begin a Treatment Plan

The good thing about knowing your status is that it gives you a chance to manage the condition before it gets worse. Therefore, do not wait to ask your doctor for the best-recommended approach to take on your issue. Your provider will evaluate your symptoms and test results to recommend treatment depending on the STD you have. Note that some conditions do not yet have a cure, but you can still lead a quality life by learning how to cope with the condition. Other complications, especially those that are caused by bacteria, can be easily managed through medications.

Avoid Spreading the STD

If the condition you have tested positive for will stay with you for life, your provider will help you learn how to control symptoms and, most importantly, how not to spread it to others. You can use certain types of protection to avoid spreading the infection through sex. Using condoms is one of the most popular and available ways of preventing the spread of STD infections. Although it is not 100% effective, a condom will significantly reduce the spreading of the infection.

Consider Frequent Screening

If you test positive for a curable STD, you will not be immune once you get treated. Therefore, it is good you consult your doctor about regular screening even after treatment while understanding that not all STDs manifest notable signs. If you will remain sexually active and are not monogamous, it is wise to be screened for STDs regularly.

Reach out to Contemporary Women’s Care for STD testing and know your status today. Remember that the sooner you catch an STD, the better, and note that not all conditions will have visible signs. Therefore, do not wait. Your provider will help you deal with any results you may receive.

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