What You Need To Know About Fraxel Lasers Treatment

Imagine you can correct all your skin concerns and reveal a healthy and new layer of skin with Fraxel lasers. Fraxel lasers only target a fraction of the skin at a time using microscopic light beams. It triggers healing on the skin, and the damaged skin is replaced by healthy and fresh skin cells naturally. Fraxel in Upper East Side is performed by well-trained dermatologists who ensure their patients get the skin that they desire. We will discuss what you should know before going for Fraxel laser treatment.

What do Fraxel lasers treat?

Many people go for Fraxel lasers to get a solution for sun damage, acne scarring, and wrinkles. Most people get laser treatment on their faces, but the arms and hands are also sensitive parts to treat. This treatment is one of the aggressive procedures done by dermatologists to get rid of acne scars like pockmarks.

How far do Fraxel lasers extend?

Fraxel laser treatments are done on anyone aged 25 to 60 to address major skin concerns. This procedure has limits. Different devices used have different settings. These differences can affect treatment cost and the outcome. But technicians can use different settings in different areas to give the best results.

If you have an active skin problem like rosacea, acne, and eczema, be warned you might not be a good candidate for Fraxel lasers. People with darker skin complexion should avoid aggressive treatments because they can cause pigmentation problems. If you are looking for fast results for scarring, you have to be prepared for downtime to recover.

What to expect before and after treatment

Fraxel laser treatment is mostly performed in your doctor’s office. It takes about 30 minutes per area as it is done in fractions. The skin area to be treated is cleaned, and a topical anesthetic is applied. A water-soluble tint is applied to point out the lines to be treated.

The common side effects include swelling and redness, which disappear after three days. Your skin will also feel dry, so you should keep applying moisturizer. You can notice peeling or feel a sunburn sensation, depending on the extent of the treatment. Risks of infections are minor—you should apply sunscreen twice a day to avoid direct sunlight.

How many sessions will you need to see results?

The sessions will depend on the area and the condition you are targeting. If it’s wrinkles or acne scars, you will see results after three to five sessions. If you want treatment for both wrinkles and acne, you should space out sessions like four weeks apart.

Results to expect after treatment

Fraxel laser treatment eliminates imperfections, leaving healthy tissue intact. They promote the healing process, minimizing recovery time. A new and healthy tissue replaces the old one resulting in improved texture and even skin tone.  

If you don’t like your skin appearance and need treatment that can correct all your skin concerns, visit MDCS dermatology and undergo Fraxel laser treatment to get the skin you desire. If you would like to learn and experience the benefits of Fraxel laser treatments, call them today and schedule an appointment.

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