What You Should Know When Starting Birth Control

Birth control helps you have total control over your family goals. You can choose not to become pregnant but remain sexually active. Several birth control options are present, and you ought to settle for a reliable option, especially if it is your first time. Working with medical experts like the Phoenix birth control specialists can help you evaluate different contraceptives and understand the right choice for you. Everyone is unique, and there is no perfect birth control option for everyone. There is just what is suitable for you. Here is what you should understand as you consider beginning your journey.

Getting the right option for You

Several birth control options exist and can help prevent pregnancy. However, not all might work for you, but there is one that can be suitable for you. The task is finding that one. You will have to consider your lifestyle and family wishes to understand the right option for you. When do you want to have children? Do you travel frequently? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself to help determine the most appropriate contraceptive for you. Also, you ought to explore different birth control methods with your doctor and understand how they work and the risks involved.

Using Barrier Methods

There are barrier methods that are put or inserted before intercourse and can help prevent pregnancy. This includes male or female condoms, spermicide, cervical cap, or diaphragm. Although these options can prevent pregnancy when correctly used, you might want to use a secondary option to be sure of not conceiving. Condoms are exemplarily the only birth control with an added advantage of prevention over STD transmission. You can purchase condoms and spermicide over-the-counter, but you have to talk to your doctor when you decide to use the cervical cap or diaphragm.

Hormonal Birth Control

You can consider hormonal birth control to avoid pregnancy in a long-term relationship. The contraceptives have less failure rate and have an added advantage of regulating your menstrual cycle. Under this category, you might benefit from a patch, the pill, or a vaginal ring. It would help if you saw your doctor before you settled for hormonal birth control to ensure you understand each option better, including the benefits and risks involved. Your doctor will give you a prescription which you have to fill and start using. One thing about hormonal birth control options is that you have to be consistent to be effective.

Long Term Contraception

You might want to hold conception for a long time but on a reversible nature. This is where most women lie since the birth control options often do not interfere with daily activities and are effective for most women. Your doctor will talk to you about the intrauterine device implanted in your uterus. During insertion, you might experience some discomfort, but it can offer you protection for about 3-10 years. Your doctor can also talk to you about contraceptive implants that stop ovulation. Additionally, you might want to consider contraceptive injections.

Natural Family Planning

There are also natural ways you can avoid being pregnant. However, most methods rely on luck and cannot guarantee protection. They include checking the changes in your cervical mucus, following the typical day’s method, measuring your basal body temperature, and withdrawal. Most of these methods are unreliable but can be used alongside other alternatives to increase their effectiveness.

If you are ready to begin your birth control journey, reach out to Desert Star Family planning for help. Schedule a consultation appointment to evaluate all possible contraceptives and learn which is most suitable for you.

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