Why UGG Slippers and Loafers Are Great for Home

A cosy pair of slippers do an incredible job at putting people at ease than they give credit for. Many women wear a pair of slippers or sandals at home to keep their feet and toes warm due to a health condition or prevent hurting themselves. But just like everything in life, not all slippers are created equal, nor do they feel the same. Many unbranded slippers may keep the feet warm, but they lack the ergonomics and the supportive structure to provide maximum comfort and health benefits to the wearer. Women’s UGG Slippers & Loafers are known for their quality, style and comfort, and one can be sure that they are reliable and durable even when they use them regularly.

Why Does It Matter to Wear a Good Pair of Slippers at Home?

A study shows that one in five people report foot pain, aching and stiffness in Australia. The prevalence of this issue is higher among women. Humans used to primarily walk on soft and forgiving surfaces like mud, sand, dirt and grass hundreds of years ago, which has shaped the feet to be the way they are. But now, floors, pavements, roads and grounds are made of hard surfaces like wood, stone, concrete, and marble, which have a significant impact on people’s feet. Such surfaces try to contour the foot shape according to the flat surfaces, which causes pain over time. Cosy women’s UGG Slippers & Loafers protect the foot from such surfaces at home, providing it comfort and warmth. They also protect the feet from the shock and the pressure of hard surfaces preventing pain.

Fight off Cold and Flu

It is a known fact that when one’s feet are cold, the blood vessels in the nose constrict the blood flow and prevent heat from leaving the body to maintain the temperature. The inner layer of the nose turns white and has fewer white blood cells, which usually prevent germs and microbes from entering the body. This phenomenon causes the person to catch a cold or fall sick. It is especially risky among pregnant women and those who are sensitive to cold winds and weather. Wearing a pair of warm UGG slippers or loafers will keep the woman’s feet toasty and prevent the heat from flowing out and keep the body prepared to ward off illness-causing pathogens.

Keep the Fungal and Bacterial Infections at Bay

Floors are breeding grounds for microbes like bacteria and fungus. Even if one cleans their home regularly, the dust, moisture and dirt carried from outdoors, or the waste and the mess made by kids could result in microbes accumulating on the ground. Walking on such surfaces could cause fungal and bacterial infections such as athlete’s foot, toenail infection or other diseases. A good pair of women’s UGG Slippers & Loafers dedicated to wearing at home can protect the women and all the residents from contracting infections.

Develop Better Balance and Stability

Due to the current global situation, many women resort to working from home. And when they spend most of their day there, they need to ensure that the slippers support their back arch and keep them comfortable. Unstable shoes can cause strain on the skeleton, the foot and the toes, causing pain. A trusted pair of slippers or loafers can absorb the impact on the foot, help maintain balance and increase stability as they walk around the house multitasking. They also ensure adequate blood flow to all parts of the foot and prevent it from swelling due to lack of circulation.

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