Why Yoga Is the Perfect Partner to Strength Training, According to Dylan Celli

You can use daily yoga sessions in conjunction with other types of physical activity to help you increase your lean muscle mass. This involves setting aside a different time for yoga, either before or after your resistance training workout.

Dylan Celli recommends doing yoga to keep your muscles toned—even on days that don’t involve strength training.

Boost Your Mobility

As you engage in yoga poses, you’ll be forcing your body to hold each pose for an extended period of time. This forces your muscles to work harder and strengthen through regular use.

When combined with a resistance training plan, you can maximize your muscle growth. As a result, you’ll find it easier to hold each pose and have an increased range of motion.

Get a Natural Burst of Energy

Practicing yoga during the early part of your day can give you a long-lasting energy boost. The activity is physical enough to challenge your body, but it won’t overtax you or leave you feeling drained. You can use that natural energy increase to help you get more out of your strength training workout later in the day.

Use Yoga to Limber Up Before Working Out

If you’re already practicing good fitness, you know the importance of stretching before starting a workout. Consider adding yoga to your pre-workout routine.

Dylan Celli suggests that various poses will loosen the muscles in your arms, legs, torso, and neck. You will also feel better focused through the deep breathing involved in yoga.

Sleep Better with Evening Yoga Sessions

Yoga has a relaxing effect on the mind and body, so it’s great for relieving stress. It will also help you sleep better, which is an important aspect of growing lean muscle mass. As you sleep, your body repairs and builds muscle. This is why you experience a better workout recovery after a full night of sleep.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism increases as you build more muscle through yoga sessions and fitness workouts. This helps your body burn fat cells faster, even when resting.


Adding a yoga routine to your day will help you speed up this process even more. If your goal is to lose weight and build muscle, yoga is an ideal way to enhance your strength training results.

Keep Your Body Aligned with Tips from Dylan Celli

Dylan Celli recommends the daily practice of yoga for its emotional and physical benefits.

For instance, yoga stretches and poses help keep the organs and musculoskeletal structure properly aligned. This helps improve respiration, spine alignment, and heart function—among other benefits. As a result of better alignment, you’ll have a lower risk of injuring yourself when you engage in resistance training.

Dylan provides fitness training and life coaching to his clients to help them obtain a balance of emotional wellness and physical fitness.

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