Why You Should Opt for Tooth Extraction

Dental problems can impact your smile, leading to self-esteem problems; however, your doctor can develop customized solutions. Your dentists should inspect the teeth, develop treatment plans, and use veneers and crowns that protect the teeth. However, if the teeth are severely impacted by decay and periodontitis, you might opt for teeth extraction. Extraction is painless and can be performed at your dentist’s office. You can consult The Woodlands extractions experts near you to conduct the process effortlessly. These teeth extraction benefits might make you choose the procedure; read on to learn more.

Tooth Extraction Is Good For Severely Decayed Teeth

If the decay reaches the tooth’s center, it might lead to severe pain; moreover, the bacteria which causes the decay could infect the pulp. The bacteria could cause pulp infection, spreading to other neighboring teeth leading to infection on the whole arch. Although you could get a root canal procedure that treats the infection, you may eventually undergo tooth extraction. The dentist will examine the affected tooth and the neighboring teeth and recommend tooth extraction and dental implants to replace the lost tooth. The dentist would offer the extraction safely as it is a painless procedure that can suit your dental needs.

It Prevents Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease affects the ligaments, alveolar, gums, and other structures surrounding the teeth. Periodontal diseases start as a gingivitis infection of the gums and progressively infect other organs like the periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone; the disease is caused by dental plaque and bacteria. Although you can prevent periodontitis by regularly brushing your teeth, you can extract teeth that the disease has seriously impacted to prevent it from spreading to the whole arch. However, you can only extract the teeth loosened due to the disease, as they could cause further dental problems.

You Can Extract Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth don’t have enough space in the dental arch, and they might get blocked from growing out of the gums. Sometimes the impacted wisdom teeth might not fully erupt from the gums leading to gum pockets that collect food particles leading to bacterial infection and tooth decay. You can extract the impacted teeth as it might damage other teeth; moreover, extraction lowers the risk of infections and overcrowding. You can use X-ray exams that show details on the impacted teeth, as it would help determine if it is worth extracting.

Tooth Extraction Might Be Necessary After an Accident

Accidents that cause teeth collision with other objects might cause trauma; you should look for ways to preserve the teeth. You can opt for dental bonding, bridges, crowns, and veneers to prevent dental issues; however, if it is difficult to preserve the teeth, you can opt for dental extraction and implants.


Most people might not agree to teeth extraction as they think the process is painful and complicated. However, a dentist would remove the decayed teeth effortlessly at their office, and you should choose one who is board-certified as they are well-trained and knowledgeable. After an accident, you can extract teeth, decayed teeth, or ones affected by periodontitis.

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