3 Basic Reasons Why You Need To Try Vaping

Vapes have been occupying the spotlight in many countries in the recent past. People are well aware of the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. On the other hand, Vapes has offered an alternative, less dangerous system that has guided people in smoking cessation as well! This becomes important to young adults as they are at an exploratory age where risk-taking is prevalent.

E-cigarettes or vapes are popular in Australia as well. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that there are approximately 500,000 vapers in Australia between the ages of 18 – 22! Many services like Charlie’s chalk dust offer high quality, safely produced vapes that significantly contribute to the ‘quit smoking’ movement prevalent in Australia.

What is vaping?

Vaping is very similar to smoking. In fact, the procedure is the same; an individual inhales and exhales smoke. However, vaping is less harmful than tobacco smoking as the smoke is generated electronically. While in a regular cigarette, 100% tobacco burns to give smoke, in vapes, a mixture of aromatics with trace amounts of nicotine get electronically ignited to give out smoke. The vapes or e-cigarettes are structured in a way that they mimic the experience of real-time smoking.

Vapes typically use a vaping mixture that they burn using atomisers and batteries. These vaping mixtures can be of two types:

  • Dry Mix: Dry varieties consist of aromatics, woods, and tobacco powders that come in different combinations. While the dry mixture smokes faster, they run out of smoke quite quickly. For some users, the dry mix might be slightly harsh as well. This is usually the case for novice vapers.
  • Liquid Mix: E-liquid vaping mixtures are becoming very popular. Many services like Charlie’s chalk dust manufacture premium e-liquid vapes that last longer in quantity and come in various flavours. Pacha mama and meringue liquids are a few flavouring titles that offer different combinations to suit all vapers. Although the liquid mixture is slow to start producing smoke, they provide consistent smoke and are light on the throat for extended periods.

Vape Kits

Like how the vaping mixtures come in two types, there are several types of vape kits. These differ based on their usage level. There are four popular vape kits available in the market:

  • Starter Kits: These kits are self-explanatory. They are designed for beginners who are trying to get the hang of vaping. Typically, these vapes have a wattage of 200W and have provisions for either dry or liquid mixtures.
  • Pod Kits: Pod kits are mobile, lightweight models of starter kits. These are shaped like pods and are refillable. These kits have longer battery life and can usually utilise both dry and liquid mixtures. They come in various colours too!
  • Dry Herb Kits: These kits are special dry mixture kits. The mixtures used here have dry tobacco with a wide range of flavourings, from coffee and caramel to candy and orange juice!
  • Regulated Mod Kits: These kits are the newest addition to the market. These devices come with a single mod that is easy to store, carry as well as use. They are typically powered by a single battery that provides an output wattage of 150W.

Why vapes?

Whether it is e-liquid or dry mixtures, vaping has been scientifically proven to be a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. They help reduce the risk of lung cancers and other complications related to tobacco smoking. Furthermore, by utilising a lesser amount of nicotine, vapes are still able to simulate cigarette smoking. This helps chain-smokers to stop tobacco smoking slowly without encountering withdrawal symptoms.

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