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4 Ways to Style a Corset

There have been numerous types of clothes when you go through the history of women’s wear. As such, with origins in the sixteenth century, the corset started as undergarments worn by women. They were worn to cinch a woman’s waist and push up her breasts to give a flattering structure to the body. Initially, it was only the European aristocracy who wore it. But over time, the undergarment found its way to every household. They were available in various kinds of fabrics such as linen, cotton, satin. Silk ones were also popular. The structure of the fabric was kept stiff by materials such as whalebone, starch and paste.

After the French Revolution, there was a decline in their popularity. And gradually, they went out of fashion. But in recent years, the garment has seen a comeback with more and more people wearing them as outerwear. Unlike the past, the corsets of today are not as tight and come in various styles and are much more comfortable to wear.

So, now that they are back in fashion, how does one style them for everyday wear? The ball gowns and dresses of the sixteenth century are not today’s fashion. So how does one style a piece of garment from that time? As it turns out, there are a lot of ways to style them!

So, let’s take a look:

1. Wear Them With Jeans

The simplest way to wear this piece is to pair them with a pair of jeans. Depending on one’s style and preference, one can wear it any way they want, that is, sleeveless or sleeved. Though the pairing might sound unconventional, it is the best way to look classy and stylish with minimum effort. A white laced corset top paired with blue jeans is the perfect brunch outfit.

2. Wear It Over a Dress

For anyone looking for a new way to vamp up that one dress they wear all the time, wearing a corset over it is the way to go. Layering up gives a new look to the dress, and wearing a structured top adds more definition. Add boots to the outfit, and one is all set to go! These tops are also a great match with t-shirt dresses! Both neutral and contrasting colours are perfect for these combinations, so pair them with them and have fun!

3. Pair It With a Suit

No one would think of pairing this sixteenth-century undergarment with the modern suit. But this surprising combination is a style statement in itself! One can choose either a complimentary colour or contrasting print to match with the co-ord suit depending upon one’s personal preference. Imagine a navy blue or grey co-ord with a white top? Or for people who are not afraid of bold colours, how about a green and lilac combo? Nothing lights up a work event like these chic outfits! So, do not be hesitant to experiment with colours and prints to find out a style that works.

4. Over a Button-Down Shirt

An oversized button-down shirt is a classic pair with a corset top. It is a great way to play around with colours for anyone interested. Or one can stick to well-known colour combinations like black and white. Either way, this is a match made in heaven! Pair the shirt and top with anything like jeans, skirts, flared trousers or shorts. Besides, this outfit is the perfect choice for an evening out in the city or a date or dinner with friends.

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