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A Review of Goodr Futuristic Sunglasses

In recent years, the traditional sunglass design has become outdated. The reason for this is because there are so many new technologies that have come out in the last few years. For example, virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses are all over the place these days! One of my favorite companies to make futuristic sunglasses is Goodr. They have a wide range of cool-looking products that will suit any taste or style preference you might have. In this review, I will talk about some of their best models and give you an idea as to why they’re so awesome!

What are Goodr Futuristic Sunglasses?

Goodr Futuristic Sunglasses are a company that designs, manufactures and sells unique sunglasses all over the world. All of their products have been made with everything you need to keep yourself safe from UV rays while still maintaining your current style preferences!

Their newest pair is called Monolens, which has polarized lenses and is inclusive of one single lens that runs all the way from one eye to another. It’s perfect for those who fear looking like a total nerd while still wanting protection!

Goodr also has many other styles that are more suited to our daily life, such as The Floop and The Goody Bag. These two models have been designed with comfort in mind, so you can enjoy wearing them even on long days without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

The sunnies come in different colors and shapes, meaning there is something for everyone no matter what their taste or style preference might be.


These glasses are so light and comfortable to wear, that you’ll forget they’re there.

The design is sleek and modern, perfect for the fashion conscious individual.

These glasses are designed to avoid any kind of slipping or bouncing while doing almost any activity. 

The product comes with polarized lenses which outperform traditional lenses in every condition.

Goodr also provides a 1 year warranty and a 30 days return policy on all its products.

They offer a great level of protection from the sun! It’s unclear how much protection glasses like these would provide in intense conditions such as snow blindness or glare off water surfaces however for most day-to-day activities they do the job just fine.

People mostly love them because not only are they stylish but also functional which makes this a product you can be proud of wearing while still fulfilling your need to protect your eyesight naturally–no contact lenses required! 


Innumerable pros, but there are always some cons to every product. One of such cons might be that this product may not be ideal for  people who have a hard time seeing at a distance as the lens does not make up for any added point of sight. Apart from that people with severe myopia should avoid wearing it for long hours or must consult a doctor before usage.

Where to buy them if you’re interested in a pair for yourself! 

Goodr futuristic sunglasses are available for purchase on the company’s website,, and various offline stores that can be discovered on the website.

Final verdict on these futuristic sunglasses  

Selecting the right pair of sunglasses is important since it’s something that’s gonna be your daily partner for the time you own it. Goodr is a brand that believes in delivering quality and amazing after sales service at unbelievable rates. Goodr futuristic sunglasses are a new invention that’s sure to be in high demand as people begin to notice the innovation. If you’re interested in getting your own pair, head on over and buy them now! 

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