A Pick Of The Best Progressive Jackpots Slots

Other than the small wins fixed jackpot, there is another type known as progressive jackpots. So whenever a player wagers money to play these slots, a certain portion of the net bet goes to the global jackpot reward, irrespective of the fact that at the end, you win the prize or lose it. So, progressive jackpots function in a connected way, and the amount bet on a jackpot contributes to its growth. Furthermore, the jackpots work globally, so no matter how much you bet and what casino you choose to play, you are always adding to it.

Every year, online casino players from all over the world try their luck in slots with jackpots in order to get a fateful win on top casino sites from the comfort of their homes. It is not the first year that millions have been winning in slots with progressive jackpots. Below are the best progressive jackpots which are mandatory to try.


The Mega Moolah slot machine was nicknamed “the creator of millionaires,” and for a good reason, because this slot with an enviable frequency annually shoots millions of dollars and euros with winnings all over the world.

The slot, created 13 years ago, does not lose popularity due to this wonderful property – the creation of the rich. At the beginning of 2019, the total prize pool of the popular jackpot slot machine reached a record 20 million euros. But intact, it did not survive for long: at the end of January 2019, a Canadian resident won the third-largest jackpot in Mega moolah- 13.3 million euros. The largest win in Mega Moolah was received in 2015, amounted to almost 18 million euros, and entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The Microgaming company wanted to create a jackpot slot machine that would suit players of all budgets and offer bonus rounds in which to win a jackpot even at low stakes. And she did it: for the second decade already, and Mega Moolah remains one of the most popular slots with a progressive jackpot among players.


At the end of 2018, a player who chose to remain anonymous played Mega fortune from NetEnt, a well-known jackpot slot machine at online casinos, and one lucky spin brought down a prize of over € 2.5 million. Mega Fortune is known for its large number of millionaire winners and is the original slot in the Mega Fortune saga.


NetEnt is a leading game provider known for creating some of the best and most profitable jackpot slots. Fortune’s darling from Finland spins the reels of the majestic slotHall of godson his smartphone when suddenly another spin changed his life forever. The cash prize of 2.7 million euros was won for a bet of just 2 euros, proving once again that not all jackpot slots require high stakes to hit the big jackpot.

Please be aware that not all jackpot wins are paid out as a one-time payment. It is worth paying attention to whether software providers indicate this clause in their regulatory documents.

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