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Best Golfing Tips to Hit Like a Pro

Everyone knows using a putting mirror can help you with your putting stroke. It assists you in aligning yourself with the eyes, feet, shoulders, and ball. But having some helpful tips on how to place your hands to your feet is ideal when starting out with one of these gadgets. So, to help you get started as a beginner, check out these golfing tips.

#1 Keep Those Hands Low

To help reduce the height of a shot, it helps to limit the elevation of your followthrough. So, the lower your hands, the lower your ball-flight will be. By choosing a stronger club and moving your ball back, trying to swing easy you can accomplish the same thing, but it is more challenging to execute. So, keep your hands low-slung, letting your shot flight be more descending.

#2 Give That Spine a Forearm

For a solid ball strike, you need to make sure you are on-plane on top of your swing for increased accuracy. Keep your right/left arm parallel to your spine with your writs flat, and your elbows/arms form in a triangle. Doing this indicates that you have rotated your shoulder flawlessly into a backswing.

#3 Use Your Body and Not Your Arms for Power

Learn to control your golf club with your body to place the club behind the golf ball, keeping the body in a dead-stop spot. Now, without taking that backswing, drag your ball into the air. Doing this might take some practice first, but once you start using your body to move the club, it helps you turn through the ball with your downswing.

#4 Slic With The Elbow

Are you struggling with slicing or want to develop a power draw? Then a right/left elbow might be your answer. But the key is to eliminate a faulty shoulder tilt when doing this. To keep slices at bay to promote a draw is in keeping your elbow inside the seam running down your right/left side of the shirt. Then, place your elbow in that area to make the drop of the club inside easier on your downswing to provide max power and control.

#5 Flippiness

Yes, the dreaded early release happens when your body is too far in front of your golf ball. So, the best is to establish a firm left/right side to help keep the head behind your ball to prevent a flip. Then, you can use an impact bag to fix your flip and push the clubhead into the bag while you set your body at the correct impact position. First, your shaft and lead arm need to be straight with a vertical line with the back of the head. Next, make sure your leading leg is braced and your hips are turned open slightly. Hold that position to get the right feel.

As you can see, when you use these tips in golf, it works effectively combined with your golf putter mirror.

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