Common characteristics of a fraudulent online writing service

With the existence of thousands of online essay writing services available online, it has now become difficult to tell whether which website would end up scamming you. This has also put the clients at a greater risk of becoming the target of a scam. However, here are a few ways you can try to filter out the fraudulent essay writing services from the legitimate ones:

Common or similar website names

If you come across several websites that have a similar name and choose either one out of them, there are high chances that the owner behind all those websites is the same. This is the most common form of fraud that takes place. Having multiple websites means that the search page will be crowded with all their websites; the majority of the customers will end up landing on the website, hence gaining more clients. All the websites are designed legitimately; hence, clients fail to save themselves from the scam, but similar domain names are something to look out for.

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Absence of prompt response

Another common characteristic of a fraudulent essay writing service is its poor customer support system. Since they are not operating with the motive of serving their customers, there would be no official way to reach them for support or queries. The website might advertise that their writers are available round the clock to serve you to make it sound like an ideal company for your academic writing. Once you have submitted your request to them and have given them the payment, they will disappear from everywhere after taking your money. Therefore always be sure to ask for the writer’s details before assigning them work or making the payment.

No user agreement present on the website

Legitimate websites such as will always have a user agreement present at their website, which ensures that the information of the customer will be kept confidential at all times which the company stays open about their policies and procedures to the customers, this help to build the customers trust. But fraudulent essay writing service websites do not have the user agree on their website since they do not have anything to do with the customer’s privacy. So if the website you are visiting does not have this agreement, the chances are that it is a scam website.

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